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My mom paintings

I know this are not my paintings, but they have a realism somehow. She paint and she is self taught and I think her paintings never left the radius of the region where she is born and lived all her life, so I thought could be beautiful to show this. If this doesn't fit the forum the Admin is free to take this down!

Richard_PForgivenessmariebPaulBHilaryRoxyRenoirLeo2015mahdiFiluren[Deleted User]anweshaJiashenalsartjudithJuliannaIrishcajun


  • Wow, they are beautiful! I can see where you get your artistic talents from!!
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    Thank you @Richard_P I will tell her! She just send me this to show me and I thought I can share this with the forum. If this thread can be here I will send also other paintings, my village is 2000 people, I told her I will  show them to see people from other side of the world think about :)
  • These are gorgeous, beautifully painted! I used to paint realist images on eggs, using landscapes surrounded by a section of the universe, make a frame of emitting light around the landscape. These above are very beautiful. I have a formula for painting on eggs, in oil paint, 3 already prepared. Thanks for sharing these! 
  • Thank you @Forgiveness !! Post those eggs her on the forum I am very curious! She is very creative, a tailor as well and use to paint on clothes, on the glass etc I wish I could teach her the DMP method but I am far and she doesn't know English... 
  • So delicate. Really beautiful. 
    I’m sure she must be very proud of your artistic talent because it obviously came from her. 

  • Tell your mother how beautiful! They make my heart full of joy :-) 
    You came from a good village to love and appreciate all that is beautiful!

  • They make me smile happily Bobitaly - Tell her that they are beautiful!
  • Thank you @Hilary @Renoir and  @Filuren !! You are very very kind, I shared this because there are sweet people like u in this forum :) I told her that u like this! 
    South of Italy is difficult, because is poorer than the north so people don't have a particular attention to art but more in decoration if this does make sense to you.
    I made a video once to try to promote her, but again in my region people thinks painting is something like an hobby and not an hard work. Here u can see a sort of Affresco, is a reproduction of an Italian one.

    I share this only because we are fellow painters here, so no one can understands better :)
  • That’s an incredible video @Bobitaly
    Is that your mother in the video painting that beautiful alfresco ? 
    To me , this is what art is all about. Something that stirs the emotions and makes us more aware of our surroundings 

  • Yes @Hilary she is :) apparently we like to record WIP in the family ahaha 
  • Well all I can say @Bobitaly is that I really don’t think your mother needs to learn DMP. I think she’s doing fantastically well on her own. 
    She’s a true artist in the real sense of the word.  
    Of all your paintings, which is her favourite one so far ? 
    I’d be interested to know that. 
  • Thank @Hilary u made me smile, I will tell her! She will be happy! I think her favourite one is the "Tenebroso" the One i did with the Caravaggio technique, but I think it's biased because the subject was his son ahah 
  • Wonderful video Bobitaly - I really enjoyed it and I think your mother is very talented.
  • Thank you @Filuren I will tell her :) 
  • Yes , she has good taste.  :) 
  • @Hilary maybe I should continue painting like that seeing my last one ahahaha (insert crying emoticons here)
  • Very nice work -you should be proud
  • Thank you @alsart I thought about you today, are u form Hawaii right? Is everything fine?
  • @Bobitaly ; - I am from the UK but live in Hawaii, I have just relocated from Maui to Waikiki (another Island) and its a lot busier, hoping to get back to painting real soon.

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    alsart said:
    @Bobitaly ; - I am from the UK but live in Hawaii, I have just relocated from Maui to Waikiki (another Island) and its a lot busier, hoping to get back to painting real soon.
    Al, I think Bob means are you okay, given that your next door volcano is erupting?  I hope that wasn't your car eaten by lava.
  • What volcano!,....yes all good, the Big Island is the first on the chain and Oahu is three or four down - Maui may get a little more dust then normal, but otherwise all fun in the sun here,.. @Bobitaly and @PaulB ; - thanks for thinking of me
  • Better like this @alsart !! From Europe seems Hawaii was sinking into lava, land opened with lava, lava eating cars, lava everywhere O.O 
  • Those are masterpieces @Forgiveness !! Wow ! Thanks for sharing, the one with little pyramids is my favourite :))
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    Thank you! Also there exists "iridescent" colors in acrylic paint, these make the stars shimmer those colors in the light, red, green, orange, violet, etc.. These are painted strictly for art collectors' market where I live, so extremely limited, now I just do for fun.
  • Really beautiful @Forgiveness
    You are so talented and versatile. 
  • Your mother is very talented!  Thank you for sharing.  She is amazing in that video!  AND committed - I don't know that I could have managed those heights.  Very well done.  @Forgiveness that is so interesting - I also paint ostrich eggs - my father's neighbor has an ostrich (the eggs are not fertilized) I'd love to know how he blows them out because there are just tiny little holes on each end.  I use candle stick holders as stands.  I also do "sharpie art" with the eggs and shells - these are loads of fun  
  • This place is full of amazing people really. Thank you @Julianna and @Forgiveness for sharing your beautiful work with me/us. 
    Julianna I love your eggs and I am not a fun of objects on the furniture, but I would put those eggs on my table. They are really "marine" and Iovely!
  • Wow, amazing!

    But, what on earth are you feeding these chickens??
  • @Julianna - those eggs are great, reminds me of scrimshaw to which I collect, or used to as it got addictive  -very nice
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    Awesome work @Julianna! I also work on other larger eggs, goose, emu, I do have an ostrich egg to paint on if I wish. It's great to see other works like this. The farmers drain the emu eggs and other such large birds' eggs same as ostrich. These feel great to the touch as I work on one for such long periods of time. And thanks @Bobitaly for the opportunity to share, happens just by chance! Isn't this fun! ha,ha,ha.
  • You are not hijacking anything @Julianna and I think we can use everybody this thread to share our others forms of art here! I mean I know this is a forum for painting realism but I think sharing something correlated with art if we use the main forum about realism is not a sin! Also because is difficult to find someone to share this with the deepness. Said that if the admin wants to take it down no problem Dura lex, sed lex. 
    I take the chance to share my first passion dead for space problems.. sculpture. I will love to start this in a big and nice environment :(

  • Sculpture is fantastic! It also encourages and supports 3D thinking that can be easily lent to any other artistic medium, especially to drawing and painting. I also used to sculpt, as you say, also need the space. I used to sculpt soapstone, clay, stone and wood. Later I learned to build small musical instruments, carving fine ornamental touches into them, quite similar to your brother with the violins. My absolute favorite was carving wooden flutes from fine woods and of bamboo from around the world and learning to play them. Unfortunately I have no photos to show, apologies.

  • Fun thread! These are painted rocks I leave hidden around my local community as abandoned art for people to find and take home.
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    This is a heart shaped "kalimba" (thumb piano) musical instrument I carved and assembled, and tunable.
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                                                                                                 This is acrylic airbrush painting 8" x 10" on prepared masonite panel. This painting was painted in layers, 7 total. I painted a mural much like this once, for a local business.
  • Nice idea @Boudicca , u are the Banksy of your community :)
  •  So versatile @Forgiveness :) thanks for sharing, the instrument is so beautiful :))
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