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Little princess sheep says “Good night”, finished

jarubejarube -
edited May 8 in Post Your Paintings
My today’s work - alla prima.
The second painting for my daughters bedroom. She picked her toy princess sheep for me to paint.
60cm x 60cm

All kind of comments are very welcome :)


  • What's not to love about this painting.  Your daughter know how to pick them.  You painted the fabric of the Sheep exceptionally well.  :)
  • I agree your art is always so sweet. Well done! Technical appreciation for the wool!
  • So soft and downy. Beautiful. 
    I love the little crown on the top of her head. 
    She looks like a well cuddled toy ! 
  • Aww.. beautiful! Well done :)
  • @Summer

    Thank you!

    Somehow last two my paintings turned out very sweet. Actually I like more bitter things :)

    Still reading “Alla prima II” and wondering how many things I still don’t know. Decided not to paint “My next masterpiece” but just relax and paint simple things, quickly and on small canvasses. Leaving my best photographs for the future, when I will be more experienced.
  • i like your style very much... you have painted the hands beautifully (which i feel is quite tricky) 
  • So cute!! Your painting is very romantic. Well done overall especially the wool texture! 
  • I look at this and see a lamb that belongs to a real family but I also see that the hands look too big for a small child I expected to see holding the lamb. If it is a small child and I wanted everyone to think it was a small child, I think I would paint a little more of the dressing gown visible on our right and bring it up past the outline of the lamb to where it meets her arm. like on our left but not as wide. this should make her look bigger and her hands smaller. If you don't want to change it that's OK, everyone is going to love it either way.
  • aww so sweet! Great job!! 

  • Made me smile! Great job with the wool!
  • @anwesha you are right - hands were the most complicated object in this painting. I tried to paint them very accurately, double and triple checked, and was sure I did it perfectly. Then I send a picture of my painting to my mom and she indicated me a big problem, which I didn’t notice. It happens when you look at the same object for a long time, sometimes you miss critical errors. The picture below shows the problem with the right hand (right side)  and how I fixed it (left side)

  • jarubejarube -
    edited May 9
    Thank you for your suggestion. I find it very reasonable. It’s a pity I read you message at late evening, when painting was already signed, so extended gown only on the left side. My daughter is not a toddler anymore, she is almost 11, but you are right, her torso is too narrow.

    Posting a final painting. Coudn’t resist to add more colours for the fur, maybe messed it this time and shouldn’t do it, but who cares :)
  • No u didn't mess it at all! 
  • This is brilliant the way you added the other colors to the fur and finished her torso. I didn't realize she was already a "young lady" of eleven. I was looking for younger and smaller. those colors you added brought a softer and warm character to the painting.
  • Jarube 

    Beautiful work.


  • very nice - great work
  • a lot of feeling in the colours and pose...what do you call it composition...yes that's it...I too am glad you added the other colours to the fur and thickened her the work stands out above just beautiful has greater depth and brings emotion with it.
  • @BOB73 thank you! It's good to know colors helped, cause I had some doubts.
    I suspected you considered my daughter is younger, because of all previous paintings of her. That's because I have a big archive of photos, starting from her birth.

    Thanks! I have a good feeling when look at this painting too. That's a rare case, when IMHO painting outmatch a reference photo.
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