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How to get very impasto-y oil paint?

Hey guys, I'd like to experiment with impasto... what options are there for this while using oil? Painting straight out of the tube, or buying other medium to thicken the paint? I really don't know anything about impasto other than it seems like fun to try.



  • movingalonghome

    Here is a link to a short video for impasto and Oleopasto, both W&N products.
    If you prefer you can make your own impasto medium with limestone powder and walnut oil.

    These mediums add bulk mass to the pigment without changing the hue or value.
    Oleopasto to about 30% volume gave me a toothpaste consistency, whereas 50% gave me a butter consistency able to be walled and peaked.


  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 5
    @movealonghome ;  Using paint right out of the tube is a good place to start as long as it isn't Geneva paints because they are thinner.  Other, thicker brands will give you a feel for impasto enough so you will know if you want to explore further.  It can be the simplest and cheapest way to begin.  After that, I believe that Denis's information is right on!  As a general rule: Paint with the sharp tipped palette knives.  Blend with the rounded tipped ones.  And try and purchase the ones that keep your wrist/clothing in a higher position away from your palette.  But then, rules are made to be broken.  For instance, I blend with brushes, but very carefully.  Summer
  • Great thanks for the advice. Looking forward to trying it out
  • Not me but somebody recommended cold wax in a similar discussion. Never used it  myself.
  • If you would like to avoid alkyd resins, as i do, Natural Pigments sells Oleogel, which i think is linseed based.  It has the same handling properties as Denis described above.
  • Cold wax works real well and easy to use.
  • you can use gel or impasto mediums to get a thick consistency.also using big bristle brushes instead of soft ones makes it pretty fun to use.
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