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Oil on canvas panel, 20x20 cm
Thought to share some of my work. I love animals and I painted this recently. It is a small painting so I didnt want to put many details, had fun doing bigger brush strokes. Painting is varnished so I cant change anything but feel free to comment and critique ,to know better next time ! 



  • Beautiful fur and haunting eyes. Very well done. The only criticism I would offer is that the head seems detached from the body. a little more detail just to suggest how the neck and body are in relation to the head for clarification would be nice.  
  • I think you did a great job on the fur.  I agree with Bob, that you need some neck or chest in the painting so that the head doesn't look like it's floating.  The only other suggestion would be to soften your edges a bit - in this painting, around the eyes and the nose. The fur is wonderfully soft already.  Well done!
  • @BOB73 @hez ; thanks for your comments, I see what you mean. I will keep it in mind for next time!  :)  
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