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Has anyone used Sennelier Rive Gauche Artist Oil Color? - Update

edited March 13 in Studio & Supplies
Has anyone used Sennelier Rive Gauche Artist Oil Color? They are claiming that these dry really fast. Might be very useful doing plein air paintings while in a vacation. If the paintings dry within two days it would be helpful.

They are very cheap too here considering the brand name. Most of them are hue paints but as long as they provide the feel of the color I don't care. 40 ml quantity is great too for 10-15 5X7 panels. I am particularly interested in that white which will dry faster than Camlin. Place where I am planning to go in November is a very remote one with no proper facilities. So, carrying wet panels in a train is big problem.

Sennelier Rive Gauche Artist Oil Color 40 ml Titanium White


  • Kaustav 

    The drying time is supposed to be uniform for the color range at five days.

    i suggest the oil paint you have now with some Liquin will work for you.


  • @dencal thanks but one 75ml bottle of liquin is Rs.1700 almost on amazon whereas one tube of this comes at just Rs.297+shipping (40ml)

  • Kaustav

    75 ml Liquin is 940 rupees here. Why so expensive at 1700 ru?


  • Kaustav


    Winsor & Newton Liquin Original, 75ml

    by Reeves

    In stock.
    Ships from and sold by BuyGlobal.

    This is 1150 rupees


  • edited May 2018
    @dencal I don't know! It could be due to higher partner margin here. Artists grade paints are so expensive! :/ Daler-Rowney and Sennelier are very cheap nowadays.
    I now know why successful artists charge so much money even for a little 5X7. They charge more and more because of years of frustration of not being able to use the best materials :'( :p :s
  • same problem here not getting the best quality supplies. @Kaustav. i have had used camlin paints as its the mostly available around me. i have shifted to other brands mostly daler rowney available here only online. i even was though looking to go give a try to these sennelier paints.i have used sennelier green for oil mediums(alkyd and gel,dries quite fast.where are you from btw. :)
  • I live in Delhi Ncr @hussain I noticed that camlin is drying in a day without medium. So I guess it is on. But this is also nice. 
  • I am from kashmir .relatively the temprature is much lower so my paint doest dry much paint even sits on the pallete for much more than week and still remains usable. @Kaustav
  • @hussain thanks. It must be helpful in following DMP method there. Nice and cool all the time and suddenly everything frozen :) Here we are all burning up most of the time.
  • yeah delhi is quite a hot place. 
  • 75 ml liquin original is only $6 USD at Jerry's Artarama. I don't know if they ship to India. It would be helpful if you had a friend that travelled to the U.S. once in a while who could stock up for a you. 
  • I am using slight amount of copal varnish in my linseed turpentine mixture. Painting is drying within a day. I guess this will be useful during my trip during winter. I can paint with my regular camlin paints.
  • edited March 13
    I used two colors of this brand recently. Colors are pretty nice for a student brand. I feel the best student brand I used is a DR Georgian. Winton I heard is very good too. But this is the lowest price range I've ever seen for an international brand.

    Titanium White: This is good. Mixing behavior is similar to Sennelier artist grade and Camlin artist grade white. Covers well and dries very quickly. I guess Sennelier is not any longer a great product like W&N has maintained till date. I used Sennelier artist grade white and thought it would be hundred times more  powerful than Camlin's but it isn't so! On the other hand Rive Gouche is really good for plein air, studies and even studio works.

    Helios Purple (PR122): This color is really good. Oranges were brighter than alizarin's. Violets were brightest I've ever seen! :p Magenta's were extremely saturated. It is a better primary red compared to alizarin. This is a great red to have as it can reach till here:
    Image result for magenta flowers in India
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