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Palette Table

Hello, on the Geneva site, there is a palette table and I was wondering if it is adjustable? In Mark’s videos, it appears that the back portion that holds the second canvas is angled up. However, in the photos on the Geneva site is does not appear to be adjustable. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 2018
    @KarenP ;

    Welcome to the DMP forum. 

    The palette table on the Geneva site is not adjustable.  We built a customized pallet table from Mark's plans using 2 x 4s (just need a handsaw, a drill, and some screws).  If you need a table to be taller or palettes to lay flatter, it's easy to make a customized version from Mark's original palette table design.  I use two palette tables.  The one from Geneva for when I'm sitting while painting and the one we built and customized for when I paint standing because I'm tall.  I also put wheels on the one we built.  Hope this answers your question and gives you something inspirational to go on.   

  • Thank you Summer, I appreciate your message.
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