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Geneva Foundation Colour

The tubes of Geneva foundation paint that I've been using seem to be very, very dark. Much darker than the "cardboard colour" that he discusses and makes on his videos. I've made than, and it worked well.

This is definitely easier, but in order to get even close to a neutral colour, I have to wipe it off the canvas with a rag.

Plus, it often feels like it rejects the paint - that is, the paint comes off the canvas rather than laying own on it.

Anyone else with these issues?



  • I've found it to be dark as well as much more brown than neutral, but that may be because of the lighting in my studio that is subpar... have not had the issue with paint being rejected though.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 25
    @JessicaArt ; You have these issues even after applying two thin coats?  I'm surprised and puzzled myself that you are having these issues.  Summer

  • edited April 25
    Yes, I do, Summer. Ive done two light coats, two rubbed off coats, one hear coat - you name it, It remains very dark - too dark. And slippery.

    Perhaps it is the batch? I have used two different tubes of it.

    I have excellent lighting in the studio.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 26
    @Weatherford ; Is it possible to send JPEGS to Geneva about this problem?  I'm sure they will send you replacement tubes from another batch if the second one didn't work out for you either.  The stain color I have is noticeably dark but I haven't actually applied it to a surface yet.  Now I'm afraid to.  I've only used Mark's original recipe over the past several years sprayed on with a shop air compressor and they turned out exceptionally well--two coats.  You may have to return to his original recipe.  Summer      
  • @Weatherford ;  I must say, the video was informative and the product really looked good.  I'm going to actually use the product next week and see if I have the same problem.  I hope you find a resolution.  Summer 
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