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Beautiful landscapes I wish I could paint

RenoirRenoir -
edited April 2018 in General Discussion
We've had the unusual good fortune of a heavy snow almost a full month into spring. It's actually quite beautiful. I wish I could capture it, but I think this is when Nature is the best artist. The interaction of light, water, air, tree, is so exquisite. I wanted to share some photos I took this morning.

This next one didn't photograph as well, but the smaller tree just right of center was almost golden, from readying for spring, and exuded a beautiful and unique golden glow that I'd never seen before.



  • Pick one and paint it. The second one is the best composition but the first is striking.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I can't view these images, I just see the words.
  • @PaulB - there you go. I just love light, snow/water, soil/trees etc. It would be wonderful to be able to paint them adequately. However, @Bob73's admonition to "pick one and paint" kicked me into gear and I'm attempting one (thanks Bob).

    I cannot manage detail so this type of painting is overwhelming to me. I laid in the darks,and the mid-tones but I started putting in some of the highlights, particularly the sun. I need to go back to the mid-tones and build on from there. I jumped to the lightest tones too soon. Honestly, it's an experiment for me. Lots yet to do, but here's what I have so far such as it is:

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Thank you.  @BOB73 is right.

    That third photo almost looks like it has had the @karynr posterizing treatment, it's already abstract.  That's the one I would paint, although, as @BOB73 said, the second photo is best, although I imagine really hard to paint.

    I like all the cool colors in the photos.  You've introduced warm browns, and I would tone those down with a weak purple glaze, so they are not warm, just so that they are warmer than blue.  The sun coming through the tree is particularly effective.
  • @paulb - thank you!!! I accidentally warmed up the brown especially on the trees on the left. I have some purple but it didn't look right. So I will try the glaze. I hadn't thought of that. I struggled with making the trees dark grey with burnt umber and ul blue, but it came out as black and sometimes just BU. 

    Yes, maybe after I do this one, I will try the more abstracted photo. It really was a magnificent sight in real life.
  • Nicely painted and a good choice for a composition I think your idea is terrific but I think adding so many large branches on the left tree handicapped you and took away a lot of the "striking" effect of the picture. It's the smaller of the branches crowned with crystalline  caps of snow reflecting the sunlight that makes it striking and that's what you want to capture. The tree in the background of the tree on the left clutters the composition. 
  • @BOB73 Thank you so much!!! I intuitively know it's too cluttered and 'not right' but I don't have the eyes to see why. I really appreciate it. Will apply those suggestions.
  • Renoir those are really beautiful pictures, I imagine the delights to see these scenes from real. I like your painting and I see the struggle trying to replicate the texture and the interconnection betweens all the branches and the snowflakes it's really really difficult and doing it an plain air very challenging.. I admire your efforts to paint from life. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • @Bobitaly thank you so much for your kindness and words of encouragement!
  • RenoirRenoir -
    edited April 2018
    It has been nice to paint outside in the sunshine and warm air. Not a live landscape, but a pleasant change.

    *** sorry, painting below***
  • Seems we painted a similar scene from life as well :) where is this place?
  • Northern wisconsin/Michigan in the states. 

    As soon as i posted it I realized my mistakes so I will replace with corrected painting. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    That sounds fun, especially now that snow has gone.  How was the experience of painting outside?  It appears there was no crowd to harass you.
  • @Bobitaly @PaulB
    It was fun to paint. This is one of the 5 great lakes up north. I am not there right now, but our weather has now permitted me to paint outdoors which I really enjoy as I seem to see color much better that way. .

    I have been afraid to paint water and rocks, so this was my very first attempt. I am trying, very much trying ha!, to use components to make up my composition rather than painting strictly from a picture. So it requires some 'artistic' decision making. 

  • @Renoir it is a very different experience right? I like you are continuing to paint outside as well :) of course in the beginning we will have some difficulty to rebalance our brain to see things from 3d to 2d. But whit practice everything will be fine. After all from photo or from life our perception is made first on the Retina so.. it's all about how we interpret this. There is a funny anecdot, we like to go and see a movie in a Cinema because we think the screen is bigger than our TV, but in the end the dimension of the image on the Retina is the same! So how it comes we see things bigger!? It's our brain which makes constantly comparison with the surrounding, so we see other chairs and people in front of us and automatically perceive the image bigger! It's all a perception trick. So photo or real life, we will learn the trick, maybe it's also automatic partially who knows. For your eyes problem, Maybe u can try when u are outside to wear polarised sunglasses for the drawing part and also for the value comparison too, scattered light is a pain in the a** if u have problems, it was also a trick used in the last for landscape artist to use a back mirror.
    Sorry for the paper. 
  • Northern wisconsin/Michigan in the states. 

    As soon as i posted it I realized my mistakes so I will replace with corrected painting. 
  • looks like that frozen tree of Dr. Zhivago!

  • It's fun isn't it!!!  yay you!!  I'm frankly tired of my studio room - I am loving being outdoors.
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