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ph1ph1 -
edited April 2018 in Color Mixing
Any thoughts on when to use grey and when to use the complement when desaturating a color. 


  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 2018
    In summary, then, from information that I learned from the other thread by this name, if I were starting out, I'd try them both--greying and mixing complements.  Also, I would desaturate with adjacent colors, even earth colors that are similar in color until I found the exact match of value, color and chroma that appears in whatever I am using for a reference--even if the reference is in my own imagination.  Your budget might also have something to do with which method you decide to use.   Try to use paint that is pure in color with as little bias as possible.  These are expensive though.  Just know what colors/biases are in the tube of paint that you are using that may not seem obvious to you but will certainly give you an outcome that you don't expect sometimes.  If you are aware of every color in your tube of paint and brush at the time you are painting you can control the outcome.  
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