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First Portrait WIP

So I’ve decided to finally have a go at painting a face. Well, two faces... this is a selfie my fiance took of us just before going out to a concert. The photo isnt the best but I wanted to get started and its the best one I had. Once i started painting i could tell most of the values are off, so i will have to correct them once i go back and restate everything. Right now im just going for coverage.


  • Great start but her face on her right side seems a little too wide and the space between her nose and upper lip a little too narrow. Her right eye should be a little closer to the bridge of her nose. Step way back from your drawing with the photo in your hand and compare.
  • I've overlaid the two so you can see where (and where not) the drawing doesn't line up. I think you need to correct some of these big issues before blocking in the areas, as otherwise you won't get a likeness.

  • Wow this is great! I’ve never thought of doing an overlay of the drawing, thank you this helps me tremendously. I know exactly why my drawing is lower now, because of my transfer method with dividers, the reference is laying flat while the drawing is upright. I knew it could be an issue but I didn’t think it was off this much. The area where I work is kind of backed into a corner so I don’t get to step back nearly as much as I want. 
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