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Wedding Portrait

This is still a long way from completion, but thought I would share.



  • Amazing work on the dress and I really like the shadows beneath the dress and the ground. It makes it real!

  • Well this has been going really slow but I finally got the facial portraiture complete. The face is about  1 x 1 1/2 inches. I had to darken some of the background to push against. But I will paint over that when I put the final background in. As always comments are welcome. )

  • Beautiful, are u colour checking? Some colours seems too unreal, the sky the grass..also the left arm is a bit too dark?
  • That lace is masterfully done. 
  • The dress is spectacular but why is there a shadow behind her when there's a landscape? Did she have a veil that you painted over? the flesh tones look over-value. I think there is a flaw in your color checking strategy. I noticed this in the flesh tones of the reclining lady, Carmen and the Red Lady as well. You seem to concentrate your skills on the fabrics, you do them very well in this and your other portraiture. Don't worry, you're doing a lot better than I am.
  • The blue sky is so vivid and vibrant that it's pulling the eye completely away from the woman. If you toned down the saturation of the sky a lot it would recede and let the figure come to the front.
  • I agree with Richard_P - and I also think that if you decide the level of highlight on her skin it will turn out beautiful.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I think the figure, the expression and the dress are great.  Actually, the dress is superb.

    The red/green problem is evident only in the skin tones.  Aside from the face, the skin tones are mediterranean, and need to be a little lighter and more orange.  I wouldn't know how to begin doing that if I was red/green blind.

    I have a minor issue with the doorway.  On the right side, the hard horizontal line in the stonework ought to point directly at the equivalent on the left side.  This could be a photographic artifact, and if so, please ignore me.  Given the direction of the light source, I might also expect those leaves up the right side to have shadows.
  • Thanks Paul. According  to my ruler the stone work lines up. I added some shadows as you suggested. Good call. This young lady is Brazilian and has a pretty Mediterranean complexion. Also the lighting of the photo distorted the values and colors a bit.
  • Richard, I loaded it up and will give it a try. I have used similar apps, but none really worked. Color deficiency is not correctable since it is caused by a lack of color receptors in your eyes. But I will give this a try and thanks for letting me know it was available.
  • Have you looked into any of these types of glasses just to identify the red and green colours more easily when painting?
  • Those glasses cannot change the color receptors in your eye enough to make them actually change your color perception. ((  I am hoping developments in gene therapy move fast enough for me to take advantage of them before I die. Thanks for your suggestions. )
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