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My first use of Geneva Paints.

I've always felt oil paints out of the tube left so much to be desired, mostly because I never had the desire to get my science-freak on to expand my options. Second, what I paint has little-to-no photography. I paint offshore big game wildlife. Last, I love good marketing and Mark made me intrigued about Geneva products in his videos.

That said, I just finished my first painting with Geneva Paints, a six foot wide and four-foot tall painting of a marlin flirting with a hooked yellowfin tuna. I was gobsmacked at Geneva's reality. My honesty normally precludes me from making far-reaching statements, but here's one. Geneva Paints are better than everything an art store has to offer to fix oil paint, combined, and straight out of the tube. Every nuance that Mark developed served my artist needs and demands perfectly.

Case in point. Painting what I paint demands that light, shadow, colors, and the life itself are breathed into the flesh of the fish, and that must be independent of shape and the refracted light. That technique has to be spot on. I used a platform of tricks I culled over the years to get that. But, with Mark's paint, straight out of the tube.

If any artist is contemplating an investment in Geneva, use my experiences. As a customer and fan of Geneva, I promise results. Plus, you'll fall in love with the way your studio smells. 


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