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Art contest application

Hi everyone, there is an Art contest quite near to my city, around 2 hours by car. The deadline is for the half of July. In this link there are the art pieces submitted at the moment for this year

The price for the first place is 1500 euro, but they took the piece for them for future exposition. Plus if you win they make a catalogue and a personal exposition during the 2019. What do you think if I will participate with one of my paintings? Which one of the two? Should I make another one? There is no fixed theme for this contest.
I have also a doubt, what if they ask me for more pieces but I don't have? Is it too early for a newbie like me?

Thank you for taking time to read this.


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I'm struggling with this too.

    For me, I think it boils down to asking myself whether I want a home filled with a hundred paintings that I cannot display and only I can look at, or whether it would be better to get them out into the world, where they might be appreciated and purchased, thereby encouraging me to make more.

    I think you should do it.  Gain the experience from doing it, regardless of the outcome.  Who knows, you might enjoy the contests, and it could really motivate you.
  • BobItaly

    i agree. Go for it. Submit both if it is afffordable.

    Looking at the entries your work has a great chance of an award.


  • Thank you for your support @PaulB and @dencal  I really appreciate your answers, also because I know your competence about art. It's hard to show up to the world for me, here I am behind a screen so it's easier. I Will let you know before I send the photo to them (I can only apply with one painting) so I will decide, there is time till July so maybe I will do another painting and decide :) for the moment the second one looks more "professional" compared to the last one. Thank you again for the encouragement I own u a Caffè.

  • Yes, apply for the contest but also paint another and another. 
  • Of course I will not stop to paint in any case @BOB73 :)
  • Do they like art in Italy?
  • Well there is Art everywhere here, maybe so much that people get used to it. In general italians do like art, but it's hard to say how and why.
  • @Bobitaly   My vote is the street scene - I think it is perfect.  People have painting their whole lives and never come close to what you have there - don't let that stifle you - ever.  You're a wonderful artist.  Definitely enter it and with your head high and proud!!!!  Congratulations in advance on your success  :)
  • Wow @Julianna your words are beyond everything I can reply to say thank you.  You made my day.
    I will think about what u said and also about which painting candidate.. last painting is a struggle, I have done a lot of corrections and looks quite realistic from real but I can't photograph it somehow, maybe because it is with a lot of high and low keys who knows. 
    Thank you again for your support, it is invaluable.
  • I say YES.  You're very good.  Both could win in my opinion.
  • Thank you @Ronna !! It's up to what the giury wants and think it is valuable as contemporary art..
  • edited April 2018
    I would encourage you to enter, @Bobitaly. It will boost your confidence to see your work publically displayed. And if your picture sells it will encourage you to do more. I think both of your [paintings are is as good as any on that website. :)
  • @Bobitaly ; I think that it is a good opportunity and that you are ready.  Summer
  • Certainly get into it. Your paintings will look good there.
  • Thank you everyone for your support!! It really means a lot and helps to believe in me.
  • Ok I read better the rules, I need to send a picture and they will make a preselection in the end of June, if I will be in the finalists than I need to send or bring there the painting. I can only participate with one painting and if I want one photo too. I took a picture side by side to see which one is better, u can vote for which one I should apply with. 1) Il trio. 2) Tenebroso
    Thank yoh in advance!!

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I vote for Il trio.  I think Tenebroso is technically superior, but Il trio is sunlight and joy.
  • Bob

    Yes. I agree Il Trio. But find another comp to enter Tenebroso . It is a dramatic and interesting composition.


  • Thank you @PaulB and @dencal it's interesting how I misjudged it, do u think it's a good thing they keep the painting for them? I don't have any clue how this contest works
  • Bob

    The 1500 euro will just cover your costs. Are they offering sufficient prestige and reputation?
    The personal catalogue and exposition is of no value to you if you have no paintings to show.

    Look around for a better paid non acquisitive Prize.


  • Yes @dencal all this things needs to be pondered. I thank you very much for all the infos and advices. Maybe I need time to think about it.. Anyway for this or another contest, if I can send only one painting it will be the Trio. Btw I read your comments about chemistry, u know a lot about it, if u never read this book I am sure u will love it!
  • Bob

    Thanks for the book recommendation. The Kindle edition is downloading as I write.

    Chemistry is like art —-there is always more to learn.


  • You are more than right @dencal , I hope u will like it!
  • @Bobitaly if you enter a contest make sure you know all the rules. Also. If they are going to keep your painting, you should get some good photographs of it first. Also paint your signature on the front of the painting. make it obvious and legible but not distracting.
  • All good advises @BOB73 thank you. I did and still don't know if I want to lose my "il trio" .. maybe with the one I am making now :D
  • Bob I think you should give it a try, you will never know what would have happened if you don't participate. Don't let the chance go. Good luck! :)
  • Thank you @michalis , I know you are right, I will think about all the answers I had here, all this kind people including you, taking their time to answer me. I am really glad.
  • I agree with Denis.  I would look for a better contest.  The entries they have accepted include very few realist pieces.  I only saw two that even looked like Italian art.
    Your pieces are lovely and so very Italian, in the best traditional sense of the word.
    What about this?  You keep your painting but get exposure of your work.  
  • Thank you @MikeDerby and @Ronna for giving me your opinion. I still have doubts buy I guess it's normal, maybe I am just not's too early. For what concern the contest Ronna going worldwide is too much, there are tons of artists.. something local or national is better to have a little chance..
  • You may not be ready @Bobitaly but your paintings are.   If you would like to have your paintings displayed in a gallery one day, wouldn't it be easier to get in if you could show them an article about you in "International Artist" magazine? $9USD get's you in and all you have to do is upload one of your paintings. The next contest is for "Figures and People" ends May 9th. The worst that could happen is you don't win a free subscription to the magazine.    for 18 USD you could enter both of your recent paintings. I hope @Anwesha sees this and enters her "Rush to market" painting.
  • Thank you @BOB73 I am really happy for your words, I don't think honestly I am an artist in the conception this words means to me. I am just trying to make my way but still I think I need something I am lacking. Thank you I will consider the contest but with only two paintings it's early maybe. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Here's some hard data.

    Plein Air Salon runs competitions every two months, with an annual big prize.  From that link, you see that $27,000 in total prizes is given out every year.  Every year.  $19,000 of that is the annual prize. The remaining $8,000 covers all the bi-monthly competitions, and something else I guess.

    I entered one for the experience.  No prize for me, but I can now see all the entrants for the February/March competition.  I paid $30 to enter the one painting, although subsequent ones are cheaper.  I can now see that there were 1,769 entrants.  That's up to $53,000 raised (less because of reduced price for subsequent paintings), and $1,000 given out.

    The entrants I saw were all very good.  Many were exceptional.  Winning is probably worth it, given the prize and the magazine feature.  For the other 1,767 entrants...

    One bi-monthly contest funds the whole year's prizes and more.  The other bi-monthly contests are profit.  This is a money-making venture.  Good for them.  I think there are better ways for me to spend my $30.  Following @anwesha's Summer Art Festival, for example.
  • Thank you @PaulB for the informations, I thought about this too, I still don't understand why I should give them money to enter in a competition..but maybe they have cost to cover. If the contest I post in first place didn't have the "taking painting forever" it could be perfect. Actually I just want to show my work and be judged, I don't care for the moment for money because anyway I know there are artists out there thousands times better than me and they cannot sustain themselves or have good compensation for their work. 
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