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Oil paint on my kitten

Any tips on getting oil paint out of cats? Lol my kitten jumped into my paintbrish full of an orangy brown mix. This is after 3x dawn dish soap. Lol figures. Couldnt be something obviously blue...instead he'll just look dirty stained till it sheds out!


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    Any food grade cold pressed oil such as, cold pressed olive oil, canola oil, linseed oil, or safflower oil because so light in color, safe, no scent, washes easily with soap and water afterward. The leftover oil paint will come out on a cloth and stain, you may want to use rags. My fingers would help me get right into the fur and work/knead it outwardly wipe frequently wth a rag until finished.
  • BOB73BOB73 -
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    Peanut butter creamy type. crunchy just makes it worse. add a little linseed or safflower oil or brush dip. work it in comb it out with a comb dipped in soapy water then rinse, repeat if necessary.
    Another reason not to keep  cats. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    BOB73 said:
    Another reason not to keep  cats. 
    Cats are great, just get a black one that doesn't show the stains.
  • lol! Hmm... I might try the olive oil, but I'll do that at his next bath. Little bugger just spent the last 2 hours licking himself dry

  • It wasn't a cadmium pigment was it?
  • An alternate solution. It's probably not a good idea to let the kitty lick the paint. If you can't get it out with oil, you may want to take her to a dog groomer, @JessicaArt .
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  • @Richard_P it was geneva's burnt umber, red & yellow mixed @BOB73 later that day he jumped into a plate of hot sauce, lol so he got a second bath that night and i re washed the paint spot...its almost un noticeable now so i think he's good. darn cat! lol
  • "NO CATS IN THE STUDIO," is one of the very few IRON CLAD rules for artists that I know of.   Ha.  I studied with a portrait artist who used say something like, "if you want to know how far you can spread Prussian blue, invite a cat into your studio."    As for removing paint from cat fur, put on leather gloves, eye protectors, and scrub away . . .
  • @broker12 haha! I wish it were that simple! My studio is in a loft area without a door! I have no way of keeping him out... Seems his sleep schedule is adjusting a bit as he gets older so that he is napping for most of my work day. 
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