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Ruins of Firozabad Delhi

Hello Mark & everyone,
This is a heritage site in Delhi. Sketching I have done on the spot. But because of insufficient time I completed work with the help of photograph. I used direct painting method with limited palette of premixed colours. 
Your feedback is appreciated.



  • Since I do not have the view you have painted from, it is difficult to give any feedback. One thing that I react to is the absence of blue color in the stone bricks. Maybe there are no blue nuances, but to my knowledge stone almost always carries bluish colors to some degree?
  • Dipali

    An interesting view and subject matter. You have taken some care here to present an accurate image.
    No photo to compare, but the color seems too intense. The perspective lines jangle a bit, the roofed building dips to the left, whereas the front structure dips to the right. The low wall at right is completely discordant. It is, of course, possible that the buildings were constructed that way. Set up the eyeline, horizon and vanishing points on the photo of the ruins and replicate these on the canvas to control perspective.
  • Thanks for your feedbacks. It's helpful. 
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