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Tips for painting small children and their skin tones

I feel like the skin of a small child is nearly transparent and I’m having trouble with the color 

any tips to capturing the “pink tones” of a toddler ? 


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    As Mark says, transparent doesn't exist, it's just color.  That means this boils down to a color mixing problem.  Is your lighting 5000 - 5500K?  Which paint are we talking about?

    If you post something visual (photo + palette), we can offer better help.
  • @janneuf,  Have you watched the colour mixing tutorials? Are you checking your Colours against a photograph ? I presume you want to learn to paint realism using Marks method of seeing colour and value, the videos are brilliant for learning. If you try to learn using a couple of different methods you will make things more difficult for yourself. Enjoy  :)
  • As Mark said, there is no such thing as skin tone, just color.  The young people I have painted have mostly been my little pony colors, which is horrifying to imagine, but works when you do it.  Laminate a high res photo and compare colors.  I sometimes capture spots with photoshop and match to that.
    i usually start with red and yellow, then mix down to peach with white.  Then gradually add blue, brown and yellow ochre to match areas, black when necessary, and lately, sap green as well.  I look forward to seeing your work.
  • I start with a color close to a naples yellow light. and carfully add a medium strength red in small amounts. this becomes the base tone . lights and darks can be made from this. shadows by adding burnt umber. highlights adding very small amounts of white to it.
    I have found it makes things easer is to keep it simple as you can. 
  • Thanks for the tips 
  • Always be on the look out for subtle color changes, and especially subtle grays. That will give it that translucent look you may be seeing. 
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