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3rd DMP painting

Dear DMPers,

There are so many amazing paintings in this forum and I am not shy to share mine simply because I want to progress and eventuellt become one of you. So here is my third DMP painting. This time I painted a Photography of a still life set up I did. As last time, I use WN water mixable paints together with linseed oil. It took me ca. 6 hours to finish. I found out it is hard to mix the purple color on the face shape lid. And I simplified the right side edge of the table cloth. In general it looks a bit grayish somehow, as if I have lowered saturation on my painting. Just like my 2nd painting. I dont know why is that. Please , tell me how you think! Thank you!

-reference photo

-my painting



  • @Jiashen, I hope you are pleased with this painting...well done. I painted something recently that had a yellow flower and a Purple object in it. This is what I learned. The next time I paint yellow I will paint the flowers white first, so that it will be easier to get coverage with the yellow paint, also I had to buy a purple paint, as I couldn’t mix the correct purple. I look forward to seeing your next painting :) 
  • @marieb Thank you for the great tips!! Good idea to paint white first for better coverage of yellow. You make me to think maybe I have stained my canvas too dark which could caurse the painting grayish look.... Regarding the purple, it makes me crazy now. Maybe I will just go and buy. Simple! Thank you again for your comment!
  • This being your 3rd DMP, I would say you are doing well.  I would suggest using a “gray/black & white” scale for your darks compared to your original photo. From there it should be easier to make adjustments. Do you use a color checker?
  • @Rtaeger Thank you for Your suggestion!! I didnt use a color checker because I paint from photogtaphy. Please see my below process picture. I set up the still life first and took the photo to avoid light shifting. Regarding your suggestion, could you please explain more about using a ‘gray/black &white’ scale for the darks? I am very new to oil paint and not so familiar with the general terms still ...
  • The process picture.

  • @Jiashen I don't understand why u are shy..this is beautiful. Simple as that. About the desaturation problem I would just mix a bright yellow and green and put it in the lightest part of the picture.
  • @Bobitaly
    Wow I am so encouraged! Thank you so much! Yes, brighter colors have been my weakness to overcome. I am thinking to paint a very brigh saturated picture for my next one. That would be interesting
  • Really nice work, @Jiashen.  You're doing great.
  • Nice painting and formidable drawing skills @Jiashen. Are your paints artist quality? When I used student quality my secondary and tertiary mixes tended to be drab. I only managed to mix vibrant colours once I moved to artists quality paints.
  • @tassieguy Thank you!! I am so glad to read that you think I am doing great. I hope to do even better for the next one
  • @Roxy Thank you!! I am so flattered. Yes, I am using an artist quality paints: W&N artisan. I guess, actually I am sure it is because I haven’t mastered the color mixing skills, so there is a long way to go. However the Geneva Paints that I ordered is on its way. It would be so exciting to try out for improving overall. 
  • BRAVO! Follow Carder's method of color groups and color mixing steps. You will overcome the mixing problems.
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