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Looking for a particular brush

SummerSummer -
edited April 2018 in Studio & Supplies
Can anyone tell me what a 1/4" "fader" looks like?  Is this a nickname for another brush?  Can't find it in Search.  Thanks.  :)


  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 2018
    The brush I am looking for is a 1/4" fader.  Anyone know of it?  Edit: It has been determined to be a flat shader and not a fader.  They are shaped like the traditional flats so you will recognize them as such, but they are a lot thinner in mass and not as long in bristle--mini detailer.  One brand is made out of synthetic sable material and can be used with oil, acrylic, gouache.  They are available for watercolor as well.  Appears to be a quality brush.  I found them on Amazon.  Sets are available.  No personal experience with them yet.     
  • Check out Jerry's Artarama before buying. They often have special offers like "Buy it and try it" sometimes for just a dollar or two.
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