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Mark's slow drying medium

edited March 2018 in Painting
Hello forum!
Rather than mixing a whole tube with Marks recommended mixture would the forum advise on using it as a medium, useing a little at a time with my non-Geneva brand paints? I primarily have Gamblin and Old Holland
All the best, 


  • Todd

    Yes, this is doable. Mix as you go on the palette. Be attentive to proportions of medium to pigment. Five to ten percent should be about right. If you are layering observe the fat over lean rule to avoid wrinkles and cracks. 

    One of the huge benefits of Mark’s method, rarely mentioned, is that by premixing SDM and stock colour, premixing values for each color group, means you can get all of that out of the way and sustain focus on the important task of painting. There is nothing more disruptive than putting the brush down to spend half an hour trying to get the right hue and value because the palette is empty. This level of frustration leads to rushed inaccurate color matching and a sub optimal result.


  • You don't have to use the whole tube. I generally leave some in the tube incase I make it too runny the first time. I also add a little tube color to the paint mixed with SDM if I have trouble on the canvas and need it a bit thicker (I'm not very good at sanding uniformly over the whole panel).
  • Denis 
    Thank you for your insight! I am just getting into the DMP method, my colors are in the mail, but I have a large assortment of Gambling ad Old Holland paints I would also like to use, following DMP principles,primarily wet in wet and pairing ugly. I will probably get mason jars and mix them as instructed but for now it's good to know I can use it piecemeal in this fashion. I would agree with your sentiments about not rushing and bad mixing. I am learning to slow down and do things consistently 
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