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How's this for a website?

Hey all,

I've been starting to put together a website for my art. It's currently a work in progress, and while it's online it's still just a Weebly page... so I'm hoping to get some feedback in regard to how to potentially improve it before paying any money to get rid of the Weebly address and advertisements.

A couple things I still need to do are get perfect photos of all my paintings and come up with good titles for all of them as well.

Anyway, here it is.. please let me know what you think!


  • I'd say ideal.  Minimal.

    That instagram account should probably be a link, and put the website URL on instagram.
  • Great start, nice and clean @movealonghome
    I have a few suggestions:

    Pricing- as a purchaser I like to know how much an item costs and I don’t want to have send an email to find out. If I walk into a bricks and mortar gallery the prices are right there next to the pieces for sale. For some reason there are two schools of thought when it comes to online galleries- show the price and don’t show the price. Showing the price, to me, is a better way to go.

    Gallery- placing your pictures by category will give a more cohesive look. Once you have more pictures you can give them their own page eg floral, landscape, portrait etc. So,for now,  I would suggest grouping your landscapes together, your portraits together and your florals together on the same page.

    Bio- beef up the bio. Let me know why you choose the subjects you paint, why you paint in the medium you do. 

    Do you take commissions? Do you ship internationally?

    You mentioned titles but also size, support and medium.

    Hope this is helpful  :)
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    @Boudicca yes very helpful thanks - I guess it's not as obvious to everyone as I thought it would be but you can click on any of the images which takes you to another page with a larger image and size and price. I guess I'll put a note at the top of the gallery page indicating the images can be clicked on.

    I agree I need to figure out the best way to organize the images. Unfortunately the way the site template works is that on the mobile version the images are displayed based on the desktop version left column top to bottom first, then next column to the right and so on. But yeah once I have lots more paintings I might do separate pages for floral, landscape etc.

    I also agree about listing prices.

    Commissions are interesting I guess I should think about that. Part of me doesn't want to bother because I don't think the potential stress and extra time investment would be worth it unless I charged a lot more than I would for another painting I did non-commission. But they could be fun I guess I've just told myself it wouldn't be worth it without really putting much thought into it.

    @Paulb I'm hoping once I give them money I will be able to even have an instagram icon that links to my instagram account!
  • It’s a very nice collection and a good site.
  • Thanks for the suggestions - they've helped! @MikeDerby thanks!
  • Its refreshingly easy to navigate.  I would raise your prices though or don't list them at all.
  • @JeffAllen thanks I also find far too many sites difficult to navigate. What are your reasons for thinking prices should be higher? I know they're priced low but in your opinion what is the problem with this?
  • I guess it depends how much time you are spending on these paintings.  It also depends on your goals.  I would not sell a painting for $450 because it is not really worth my time to do so.  I would rather give them away than low ball the pricing like that. I guess it depends on how much time you spend on them.

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    @JeffAllen yeah i agree it's not much money. Plenty of time to figure out pricing so I'd rather start low and go up instead of the other way around
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    May I suggest four words for you? Divi by Elegant Themes. I am a huge fan of including the cart into the browsing experience. The two can be separate but shouldn't. 
  • SummerSummer -
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    @movealonghome You are very astute about what you wrote about pricing.  The greatest faux pas that can be committed by an artist on the subject of money is to lower prices once a bottom line has been established and it's public knowledge.  I have read this several times in books written by gallerists.  You have jogged my memory this Easter morning.   :)  
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    @beforbesart thanks I'll look into it!

    @Summer thanks. Have you sold much of your art? I don't recall you sharing your experiences with this
  • I like to see one piece on a page. Clusters put me off, every other person on the planet has some form of ADDS and can't make up their mind if they're looking at one picture or all of them at the same time. Pricing: don't sell yourself short. If you accept commissions for a 16X22 the buyer will expect to pay what you sold the your last  16X22 for. put the prices out there for all to see.
    Content: I think an artist should have a few dozen pieces to display before going public. Do some small botanical pieces that could be part of a series, any subject really but these can sell for 100 or less and still be profitable and easy to ship.
    Bio. I like the bio to be more complete and have a little resume feel. You are a frequent contributor and consultant to the Draw, Mix, Paint Forum (for instance) and you started oil painting because your occupation left you frustrated and feeling unappreciated (for instance) You studied art under the tutelage of Mike Derby, Mark Carder and John Singer Sargent. (For instance) You mentor and teach senior citizens (like me) how to paint.( For instance.)  I also like the bio to be third person. A wide angle of you working in your studio would be nice even if it doesn't show your face. what you have for a bio looks too facebook to me. Here is an artist that really knows how to promote herself.
    Other than that it's perfect. Good luck with it all. 
  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 2

    Have you sold much of your art? I don't recall you sharing your experiences
    @movealonghome ; Yes, I have sold all of it from the early days of my career--about 50 pieces.  Just building the studio and the painting of our dog appear on DMP so far.  Hope that changes.  Summer  :)
  • the paintings. With regard to the pricing; what does CDN mean..? 
  • @marieb
    thanks it just means canadian dollars
  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 3
    @marieb ; I just checked the exchange rate: One Canadian dollar equals 0.64 Euro for Ireland.  Hope you are still living in Ireland.  :)  Summer
  • Pricing.  After watching this, I decided to stop charging by the pixel--haha.

  • @Summer, still soaked to the skin and freezing in Ireland. Lol Thanks for Dollar info, exchange rate is lower than USA Dollar,My Daughter emigrating to Canada soon,just outside Vancouver. No opportunities here, she is a fantastically talented Artist.  @movealonghome, perhaps you could do with raising your prices :) 
  • I like the minimalist style @movealonghome. Looked good on my pc, but on my iphone it looked a bit clunky - the images didn't flow very well. Just something to be aware of.
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    @Roxy interesting - what do you mean by clunky and didn't flow very well? The site was slow?

    @marieb There's definitely a market in Vancouver for art :) Rains a lot there though. It might even rain more than where you live in Ireland!

    @Summer I've listened to Baumann talk about pricing before but in my opinion there are many other factors to consider when determining pricing than just the canvas size :)
  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 5

    @Summer I've listened to Baumann talk about pricing before but in my opinion there are many other factors to consider when determining pricing than just the canvas size :)
    If you come up with or find a pricing system you like, I hope you will share it with us.  I have painted plain canvasses that had only one color various times in my life as an artist.  Therefore I'm particularly fond of this price-by-the-square-inch pricing scheme.  ;)  Summer
  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 6
    A silver framed group of the three primaries, a triptych, is one example.  A commission I had from an architect.
  • This topic has been discussed on DMP and a search would yield more schemes.  I'd be more inclined to select the one that is more advantageous.  Hmm.
  • Galleries and Patrons would say that as a beginner, your prices are good as they are.  They can't fault you for starting out too high.  Just saying.  But I would start the clock ticking upwards here on in.  :)
  • Thanks summer. Spent an hour working on the about page today. Man those things are tough to write.
  • $2.00 USD a square inch? Even if you're really new at it? Does it matter what medium you use?
  • @Renoir ; Oil painting and acrylic for sure, but why not tempera, water-color, and gouache would be my guess.  All of them probably.  That is a good question for a gallerist.  As an artist, I'd go for it.  Summer
  • Renoir said:
    $2.00 USD a square inch? Even if you're really new at it? Does it matter what medium you use?
    Stefan Baumann says that $2/sq inch is the beginner price.  If someone wants to buy, then it doesn't matter how long you've been at it.
  • @Roxy interesting - what do you mean by clunky and didn't flow very well? The site was slow?
    The site loaded just fine - I meant how the images were arranged and flowed as you scroll down the page. Here are a couple of screen grabs. It all functions fine, but I thought the inconsistent left-right justification of the images made it appear a little disorganised and haphazard. 

  • Something similar happened on someone elses phone I used to check the site. Very annoying
  • movingalonghome

    The white ground kills the drama and impact of the paintings.
    The lack of text encourages me to flick through with glazed eyes, feeling like I need to know more about these images.

    Here is a layout template I like:

    About twelve words per image is about right.

  • Hmm I much prefer the look of my site. That template does not look good to me. I will consider saying something about each painting on their dedicated pages.

    @Roxy i learned that the template im using auto fits to the screen its being viewed on and at some sizes the columns of images get a bit messed up. Same thing happens when zooming in on a desktop monitor. Will try and fix somehow. Glad you mentioned that. It only seems to happen on a small minority of phones so i might not have ever known about it otherwise
  • Spent an hour working on the about page today. Man those things are tough to write.
    I don't doubt it.  Something I have yet to do.  Summer
  • Very insightful..for example the painting I did took me a lot of work and hundreds of hours of painting, now if I will base the price based on euro/hour it will come to approximately 3/4000 euros considering only 10 euro/hour.. Maybe the best way is to find a gallery and see how much people are willing to spend for one of my painting, because it's really hard to find a recipe working for me.
  • edited April 10
    Thanks for all the input. Took all of your advice and made some changes. Also hopefully fixed the problems with mobile device compatibility

    Pretty happy with it now. Let me know if you check it out and it looks messed up on your browser or phone or if you notice any other issues with the site!
  • I like it. The site is clean, simple and elegant.

    One very small suggestion: When you click on each individual painting and it opens in a new box, you have a contact link.  Make the entire sentence live not just the word contact. 

    I don't recall if you mentioned if you have linked it to Google analytics.  If you have not, it is free and a good source of information.  The  webmaster or website for whoever you are using probably has information on how to do that. There is programing language that you can copy and paste into your own site so that you can find out who is visiting, what they are looking at and which website they were referred from.

    Overall it looks great.

  • @movealonghome ; I revisited your site and like the changes you've made. One more thing worth considering is if you will accept commissions. I think you should say so if you do.
  • It's legit now. I found the dark background a bit too oppressive so I lightened up the home page gallery but kept the dedicated painting pages darker
  • It looks very nice.  I especially like the way you have included a "work in progress" painting. 
  • edited April 25
    Haha I literally uploaded that photo less than 60 seconds before you commented on it. Need to take a better one actually

    @Summer thanks though you've convinced me to keep that painting in the picture
  • The addition of the WIP picture is a very good idea
  • The site is looking good.  Very clean and lean. Nothing gets in the way of the art.
    Now also make sure you have appropriate SEO links embedded in the code.  Depending on how much you are hoping to sell it may or may not pay to hire a professional.  They can optimize the site for search engines. Some charge ridiculous amounts and others are more reasonable. 
  • Yeah I need to get on that. Will investigate thanks
  • Looks great @movealonghome, works perfectly on all my devices. Very elegant. 
  • edited April 26
    Hmm I much prefer the look of my site. That template does not look good to me. I will consider saying something about each painting on their dedicated pages.
    @movealonghome, I totally agree with you. I don't care for that template either. I really like the clean uncluttered look of your site. My site, which doesn't yet have any of my oils on it and was originally for just my watercolors, I'm coming to believe, also too cluttered. It's at I'm thinking that I might completely redesign it for a cleaner, uncluttered look, much like yours and that of my teacher at
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