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Gloss varnish over retouching varnish

Does anyone know if you can put Winsor & Newton Artists' "gloss varnish" over W&N "retouching varnish"?  If so, what are/were the results?


  • Rtaeger

    No problem. Apply a gloss varnish over a retouch varnish. This is the intended use of these products.
    Essentially the varnishes are the same ingredients, solvent and resin. Retouch has more solvent and less resin, resulting in a thin coat that continues to allow oxygen to form polymers for drying, albeit at a slower rate than unvarnished work.


  • The only thing I would caution is to be sure to use the same brand for both the retouch and the gloss.
  • @dencal,I see Artists posting online saying” ok that’s another painting finished, and ready for my exhibition in 6/8 weeks” do you think that they are using g retouch varnish, before exhibiting, I never hear of anyone varnishingva painting once the painting has been sold. 
  • dencaldencal -
    edited May 2018

    All sorts of strategies are used

    # no treatment at all. Leave it to the gallery or final buyer to varnish.
    # retouch varnish when touch dry
    # final varnish when touch dry.
    # oiling out only, maybe with written advice on when it should be varnished.
    # a coat of Liquin.
    # a coat of clear resin.

    I suspect that many artists accelerate the production line with products like Griffin Alkyd paints or Liquin.


  • @dencal, thank you very much. I am greatly relieved to get this information, I am not organised enough to paint 6 months in advance of exhibiting. 
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