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Family pets WIP

First time painting in a couple weeks, been busy with frames, and restoring a 1964 acoustic guitar.. anyway, I finally got around to immortalizing my family pets tonight.

For all of my painting up to this point, I used oil straight from the tube with a little linseed to add viscosity and thinner to clean my brush.

For this,  I actually took the time to make Mark’s slow dry medium and mixed it with the basic color pallete. So far, I am very pleased with this medium! Although it seems I left them a little thicker than Mark demonstrates, they have been great to work with. The slow dry medium mixes well, blends great, and coverage is adequate! 

Here is what I have so far, critiques are welcomed 


  • @mattyblue,I absolutely love this  :)
  • Here it is after restating. There were a few values that I missed the second time around and wasn’t able to mix them on the fly, so I’m still not completely satisfied with the final product. I’ve just run out of steam and not sure if I’ll do anything more to it.
  • @Hilary yes I agree, that’s one thing that bugs me too. Thank for suggesting that! I think I’ll go back and add more details to the fur and eyes. The contrast in the eyes of the dog on the right is definitely too much.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Agree with @Hilary.  Dog #2 is missing slightly darker values around the eyes and the nose.  Compare to #1 where both of these are present.

    I would suggest a little more fur/random texture on the back of #2.
  • @mattyblue ; You are soooooooooooo close to finishing this, I hope you do.  What @Hilary and @PaulB wrote above were my observations as well.  You are so good as a painter and have done so well on this painting, I congratulate you.  Don't let the artist curse steel your painting in the final stretch.  Summer
  • Yes , I agree with @Summer
    This painting is so good and 98% there , so just make those few tiny adjustments @mattyblue
    Well worth the effort and a great tribute to your two furry friends.  
  • I agree, fixing the eyes on the dog will make a noticeable difference. Good work @mattyblue
  • Thank you all for the critiques and advice. You’ve managed to convince me to give it another shot with your words of encouragement! As a side note, I think I need more practice squinting and getting the basic halftone values in place because I tend to get ahead of myself and go straight for the finish. But I must say using Marks slow dry medium has been a tremendous improvement in the process.. 
  • Signed sealed and delivered, as this was about all I could muster and it’s time to move on. Hopefully it dries well, and then I’ll varnish, and build a frame for it.  Cheers!
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