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Can anyone recommend white paint for final layers?

I'm still experimenting on trying to achieve the high keys e.g. in white fur.  I've done a test portrait today of a dog which has white fur on it.  When it comes to the bit of adding the lovely thick layers, I'm finding the white paint (Titanium white oil - Winsor and Newton) when mixed with a colour, does not seem to easily come off my brush (as I would love a thick mark).  I don't know if it is my brush, the amount of paint or technique.  

Any suggestion would be so gratefully recieved on which whites are opaque and thicker...  mediums to use & which are good brushes.

I've pasted below the test dog...



  • lpit

    Lightly oil out the canvas and wipe off visible excess, if you can, before you apply paint.
    Dip the brush in medium or oil and towel off excess before you pick up paint.

    These measures will ensure a receptive surface and an effective release of paint.
    There is no thicker or more opaque white than titanium.


  • Thanks Denis, I'll try that.  It maybe that I'm trying to complete a piece in one go (have you been able to do that?).  How long do you wait before lightly oiling (do you mean linseed oil?). 

    I'll also have a go a dipping my brush in a medium (I did have a go at mixing the oil paint in the medium but ended up with a gooey mess!).

    Thanks also for you advice over white oils, that saves me trying out other varieties.

  • Thank you..............  I'll purchase some (I did cheekily ask if I could visit the headquarters and try out their range, to see how they mixed), as I found out that they are only about 1hr drive from me!  Unfortunately they declined :( would have been 'in heaven'! lol if I could have.

    I have one tube of M Harding and must admit that the flow is lovely.  Mind you, I bought Musinni oils, years and years ago, and they are still like new and flow beautifully.  Have you tried these out?
  • Rembrandt Titanium White with linseed oil.
  • Thank you.  I've ordered the M Harding Titanium White No. 2 but will order the Rembrandt Titanium White at a later date 
  • If you are painting wet in wet, which will prevent oiling out, a thin paint will stick to a thick paint.  You can try various mixes but I like 2/3 linseed oil to 1/3 solvent of your choice.  Turp or OMS does not seem to matter.  Dip a dry clean brush in the medium and then press it out on the palette, then squeeze out the brush on a paper towel.  Place some paint in the puddle of medium on your palette and work it to a smooth consistency.  Try painting.  Thin more if necessary.  Good luck.  The painting looks great so far.
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