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Hi guys, if you open a thread that is obviously spam do us all a favour and flag it as spam. Two spam flags and it gets quarantined for moderation( or some such thing) and gets rid of it off the board. Thanks


  • Thanks for the heads up.  There was a whole list of spam as you know yesterday  but the flags were missing.  When questionable posts are quarentined do they remain visible until taken down entirely?  If so, is there a way to make those posts invisible until they are checked out by the moderator?  The concern is that spam sometimes contains links with bad results when clicked on. Thanks
  • It's happened a couple times this week.  Two clicks on the "Flag" link, selecting "Spam" is all it takes to make it invisible, and it goes into a moderation queue.

    You're right, it can be malicious, which is why @Boudicca is right to encourage us all to flag is as soon as possible, and get it off the site.
  • I didn't know the two click things, thanks all! :)
  • It happened numerous times but all from the same source in China all selling medical supplies, wood by the cubic yard and other stuff. I guess with Trump's tariffs they needed to expand their advertising.
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