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Oil painting for paupers!

First, I guess I should point out that I have no vested interest here - just a peasant who's eager to share!

I like to have several brushes on the go at once, but brushes are really expensive here in Hobbiton[1]. So, I've been browsing the cheap Chinese sites.

$7.03 US for 9 brushes with free shipping seemed too good to be true. It's not! I really like these. Sure, they're just nylon, but I love how smoothly they paint. My art tutor[2] has a set now too.

I'm now experimenting with a set of these:

They're not perfect - a few stray bendy bristles here and there, but overall pretty good for under $14 US.

I've picked up a few more bargains along the way, but enough for now. Anyone else have any money saving tips for us poor folks?

[1] ...and don't get me started on paint prices!
[2] My tutor said she had a Chinese student who had some beautifully rich Chinese paint. Not sure I want to risk Chinese chemicals, but paint's usually not all that good for you anyway. Maybe something to try for plein air?

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