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Need some help

I'm currently working on a large commission. There is a lot of black. My issue is some of the black is shiny and some of it isnt. It's drying very strange compared to what I'm used to. I feel like part of the issue is parts of the painting is thicker paint than the rest. Could that be the cause? I' going to start on a new canvas what can I do to prevent this as much as possible. I don't mind if it does it a little. But it looks pretty bad. 


  • You oil the canvas which may even it out.  Basically brush on linseed oil over the entire canvas and wipe off excess.  that may alleviate some of it.
  • jdbunch39

    Pretty common with some types of black, ivory or lamp. The cause is variable drying rates, showing a mosaic of variously polymerised surface patches. Arises from variation in substrate absorbency, variation in mixes such as mediums and pigment thicknesses.

    Try Mark’s chromatic black 60 ultramarine blue and 40 % burnt umber.

    All will be well if, as Jeff suggests, you oil out. In any case it will be uniform glossy after varnish.


  • See but I had a painting look like that and once I varnished it, it increased that messed up look.
  • Great painting btw. I feel like I'm actually looking at the items.
  • Thanks for all the tips. Wow I've learned a lot from you all already. I'm happy to be part of this forum. I hope one day to actually take a class from Mr. Carder
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