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Hello lovely people :)

I'm Yasemin from Istanbul, Turkey. I've been working with watercolors more than 10 years now. But I've also tried acrylics and oils. Each medium has its own beauty and advantages. After working in a full time job for many years, I'm finally working from home and I believe to be able to make a set up for more serious (!) mediums.

Mark, thank you very much for your time and effort for making those wonderful videos. Sharing your knowledge is priceless.

You can see my watercolors in my instagram account:

Here is my favorite painting in oils. I made it years ago. She is my daugter. It's a tiny little painting. 25x18 cm. I'm sure it has lots of errors but I love it anyway :)

With this opportunity I want to ask something. This painting is hanging in my wall for many many years and has no varnish on it. I want to varnish it but it has collected lots of dust and dirt. How can I clean it? Will water and soap work? I asked my art supply store for a solution but they don't have anything for that purpose. Thank you very much in advance..


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