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Brush Dip Magic

Admittedly, I am horrible with my cleaning my brushes - it was always what I dreaded most when painting, having to clean at the end of the day.

I have been using Mark's brush dip for about a year now - I also purchased his brilliant brush stand holder.

I have a little jar with dip in it and at the end of the day, I dip whatever brushes I am using and lay it on the stand - lately, I got to where I was stacking brushes strategically on top of each other as the pile of dipped brushes was getting massive.

I often use an already dipped brush and just wipe it with a paper towel and paint with it with ease.  I find my brushes are maintaining their shape, lasting much longer and I am much happier at the end of the day because it takes me 2 minutes to "dip and hang".

So, I got even lazier, I even had some brushes that had been laying in their dip on my stand for over 4 months.  Occasionally, I would re-dip what was on my stand but not as much as I should.

So, I went outside this week with about 100 brushes that have been soaking in dip for who knows how long.  I figured some would be ruined but it was high time that I gave them a thorough cleaning with my mineral spirit cleaners (I have jars with screens that I fill with mineral spirits and although hard on brushes, it does get them dry clean).

I was shocked at how really fabulous the brush dip is and how my brushes held up even under such dire circumstances.  I had about 6 that had some hard places (none were completely hard - even after 5 months!)  -  so, I dipped those 6 in murphy's oil soap and they've been soaking for a few days and all 6 of them are perfect now.

Long story but the brush dip is AMAZING!!!   Even when you push the boundaries of it's limitations.


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