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WIP my 3rd dmp

Boy! Im in elbows deep on this one but so far so good! Im actively working on the horses body right now before making my way to to the jockey.  Im about 10 hours in at this point and still enjoying myself! No boredom here! Cant wait to get the whole canvas covered and into the knitty gritty although ive been dabling along here and there in it all the while... 
Painting from a photo of Tapwrit and Jose Ortize wining the 2017 Belmont stakes. Photo reference with permission Alex Evers. (My all time favorite horse racing photog! Hoping to impress so he agrees to let me paint more of his images!)k


  • Looking good already! :)

  • @JessicaArt ; You are definitely the Thoroughbred of horse whiskerers. You could paint a horse in your sleep. Wherever one of your paintings hangs it will be the center of the winner's circle and the center of attention.  If you go professional and still love painting this much you will have a wonderful life.
  • @BOB73 lol! Horse Whiskerers! haha I sure hope you're right! Thanks so much!! 
  • @JessicaArt ; some time ago I happened on a painter who seems to be doing everything right to become a commercially successful artist. It isn't just about her website though. It's about seeing all the things she does that she writes about in the website. She doesn't try to show you how to promote yourself but as you read about her you can see how she got to where she is. I started this thread and others joined in with their own advice. When you are finished with Tapwrit you should take a look. Also forming an association with Alex Evers would be a good idea.
  •      @JessicaArt in time we are going to see your name and work at this website.
  • @BOB73 cool! Thanks! I will check that link out. I am trying to form that association with Alex... he's amazing.. He has been generous so far, in giving me permission to paint a handful of his photos. One of which I painted for a charity auction last year and it sold for $7,000 to Chad Brown! So I think he liked knowing that... I offered 10% on sales going forward, but he never got back to me on that. I think the issue with him is he is SO SO busy and in a million years doesn't need one iota of MY help to further HIS career, so it's kinda a 1 way street... But I am hoping he will be open to collaborating with me since he is just my absolute favorite and SUPER talented! 
  • @BOB73 not sure about the horses in art link! lol since every gallery I've contacted so far never even has the courtesy to write me back! But... Im gonna keep on keeping one! Hopefully something will give! 
  • 7 Grand sounds like a fair price for your work considering you are not a well known artist yet. Did you get any publicity from the auction? Making associations with local reporters is another way to help yourself. Another tip, Galleries are very snobbish and loath to hang a painting that was obviously copied from a photograph. Galleries only want pieces that are original and exclusive to them. When they have it up, they don't want a duplicate image (even a photograph) hanging on anybody else's wall unless the photo was taken in their gallery and published in a glossy magazine.
  • Yeah i was happy with the 7k! What an exciting night!  Looks like im screwed with galleries then because i only paint from photos.... but i think alot of racing painters do...i mean how else could you paint a horse running at 40 mph+ in realism?  haha we'll see!  I didn't get much publicity from the auction... not one single job off of it either,  but its still a great oppurtunity and i get 40% so a nice paycheck for a struggling artist.  They've asked me back for my 3rd year. . can't wait to find out which horse im painting this year!
  • Frederick Remington taught himself to paint from life you can too

    Image result for frederic remington painting

    There are lots of tricks to painting from photos to fool people, including snobby judges, into thinking they are painted from life.

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