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House remodeling complete -How do you stop procrastinating - is it part of the artist curse????????

gusgus -
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Oh I finally found my way back here to this forum and I am totally overwhelmed on the amount of info and new stuff going on. While I was a member of the old forum and here since this one started I only completed 3 paintings. In January we started major renovations on my house and it is now finally complete. After signing up for one of the challenges, I was unable to paint since my studio had become the storage depot during construction. Now I need to start again but it is so difficult on where to begin. Do you first brush up on drawing skills, watch some DMP videos, read the forum posts???????????? What do you do to stop procrastinating and start painting????
I have posted pics of one of the bathrooms that was redone.imageimage


  • Lovely, lovely bathroom. I would fill that tub to the brim with bubble bath, sit and soak while looking through a coffee table book from one of the better museums and pick out a painting that I wanted to copy some part of - maybe the composition of a still life, or the pose of a portrait, then get up and start sketching. But then I'd make any excuse for a long soaking bubble bath! LOL
  • Oh my gosh! The second picture? That's my guest bath upstairs! It's a little different but pretty close. Unfortunately mine is not finished :( The entire upstairs was torn apart and is a real mess.

    Instead of painting can you come and finish my house? :D Seriously, it's beautiful.
  • Do you first brush up on drawing skills, watch some DMP videos, read the forum posts???????????? What do you do to stop procrastinating and start painting????
    Great reno.

    What do you do? All of the above.

  • Nice bathroom! Okay, if you really want to paint, set up your studio. Watch the still life or some other video that has "this is the first step" stuff in it. If you get stuck, watch another video or come here and ask. If you are procrastinating, or feel overwhelmed and you really DO want to do it, then just look at the first step and take it.
  • Grandma- Maybe sketching should be the first step, but I do not need any more encouragement to use that tub!
    TJS - I am so sick of renovations so I will have to pass on coming to your house. We did 3 bathrooms, part of kitchen, entry door/steps/railings, living room, family room, exercise room, laundry room and crown moulding everywhere...I am so done!
    Denis - I will do "all of the above" it's just starting that is the problem.
    Sue - My studio is all setup, have been on this and the other forum for quite a few years, it is the getting in there that is the problem.
    Thanks for all your comments, maybe I will go do something "artistically constructive"
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    Donna - I can totally relate. For me, its like I am paralyzed by all the possibilities. Once I start I am fine. "Just paint" doesn't work for me, so I take it step by step. So I start in small steps but always move forward. Set up a still life, tone a canvas, rough in your drawing, next thing you know you're painting again and you wonder what all the hesitation was about.

  • Great renovation! =D> As far as procrastination and getting back to painting, I'll quote Liz (as many have done in the past): "Shut up and paint"! Or I guess we could go with time worn Nike slogan: "Just do it." Or how about what my mother always said to me when I would ask something similar: "Start at the beginning." .......Glad to see you back, just start with something that feels good and sounds like fun, 'muscle memory' will kick in and away you go! :)
  • I watch painting videos and look at awesome still life oil paintings online until the compulsion to paint is stronger than the one to procrastinate.
  • gary - It is so true that once you do get going one seems to go into a "nowhere zone" and then you don't realize how much time has elapsed.
    Melissa - waiting for the painting to override the procrastination.
  • Hey Donna!! Your bath looks wonderful and inviting!!
    I just finished redoing my kitchen so I know exactly how you feel.
    I started by committing to a challenge and doing a small painting.... it got me back in the studio. I am just back from two weeks away from home and how am ready to start on another one... it was just that first that was so hard to begin. Great to have to be active once again. :D
  • AmritAmrit -
    edited April 2013
    Hi Donna, well what can I say, I know what you mean. I realised in 2011 - 2012 I actually did 4 drawings and about 6 portraits. In fact as I went on I did less and less works, spending more and more time just thinking, unsure of what to do, how to get it right and improve on the last piece.
    This year I decided to find myself a teacher, somebody who was cheap, good, and could raise my game. The first thing this teacher did wasask how many hours I could realistically commit each week. I told him 9 hours each week, which was very doable, 2 sessions from 8pm - 11pm after the kids are in bed (this leaves me 3 evenings with my gorgeous wife to watch a movie) and then 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. He then set me a Bargue drawing assignment, and a 3 hour painting assignment of a single still life piece. I started with an egg, then did an onion and then a garlic, all in monochrome. Then I did 2 onions with a limited earthy colour pallette and now I'm working on an orange in a full pallette. In the beginning stages he told me that each this was a learning process and not to stress about getting a finished piece, although by the time I got to the onions he told me to start finishing it and spending more time if need be. So far, since Feb I have done one Bargue drawing (nearly finished) and 6 still lifes. The still lifes are painted on A5 size plywoods which I sealed with a good quality undercoat. My local DIY store cut the small sizes for free, the board only cost around £10 and gave me about 20 x A5 boards, which is a bargain.

    So in answer to your question do everything. Do Bargue drawings, do painting, do the figure drawings. Do whatever, just do. Don't look for that perfect piece, you can think about it whilst you are working your current piece. And as for energy, well I found that painting or drawing is like exercise. Nobody wants to do it, as for me I always think, well here goes the next 3 hours of my life sucked up. However then I realise, what else am I going to do that is better than this? The drawings are great as you can spend 15 minutes a day on them and not have to pile the paint and clean up etc.

    The other day I was feeling exhausted from work and rather lazy and in no mood to paint. I thought to myself, no, let me do it even when I don't want to and see what happens - if I can do it under these circumstances then there's no stopping me. And you know what? I felt more energised only 15 minutes in and that motivation was back.

    I know it's easier as I'm being told what to paint, however if that's what it takes, do simple studies, small pieces one at a time, just to get going. My pieces are actually making people's walls now so that's a big plus for me knowing what I'm producing is wall worthy.

  • Amrit - Thank you for your comments. What you are saying is so true, that once you get going the battle is over. Two years ago I had started marking a calendar which was left in my studio each day that I was able to do something creative. It got to the point that I actually felt bad not being able to go into the studio and "mark" that calendar. As far as being told what to paint, I thought I would tell my husband to make a list of objects/things that I should draw or paint. This way it will not be a decision making process for me with this list in front of me. Congrats on "making people's walls". That is a huge plus. Donna
  • There's something else which might help. Human action is motivated by one of two things, love or fear. The thought behind he thought behind the thought, lets call it the sponsoring thought, is either love or fear. So ask yourself, is there a fear driven thought behind you when you think about painting something? Once you recognise that then you can change that thought or belief system. Me, I would think, I'm afraid of not producing a piece better than my last, and so I changed that thought to, it's all about learning. Then I would have the fear of my time being swallowed up, so I changed that fear thinking to one that made me realise that this is my life, my free time and I can either sit in front of the telly and watch boring things, or I can paint, either way I'm going to use up those hours.

    Ask yourself what you are thinking, what is the driving factor and sponsoring thought, is it love based or fear based? Fear contracts, love expands.
  • Excellent thought process Amrit. For me it is probably painting something that is not better than the last one. If I chaulk it up to a learning excercise that should help. :)
  • Love your bathroom! Reno is badly needed at my house but we keep spending on man caves and pool repair til there is nothing left for the house!
  • Poor Liz. I can relate.
  • Liz - believe it or not this entire house reno started bc my hubby wanted an extra large garage for his cars and now we are finished and there is still no garage in sight. But, this was not my idea to begin with so I am safe. :D Donna
  • I have put my foot down when the pool is fixed not another dime is going on anything but the house. Then I start thinking...really need new outdoor furniture to go with the nice remodeled pool... :P
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