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21st DMP: Train to Matterhorn

edited March 13 in Post Your Paintings

Again, a new painting on an old subject. This was taken in the same trip as the earlier Matterhorn painting. I don't think the combination of a train and the mountains will be agreeable to all, but i liked the human touch that the train brought and also the sense of the present. Its a 16inx20in painting.  I tried to keep the brush work in the surroundings quite loose and more tight for the train. I still need to do a little clean up on the train. The peaks in the painting look a lighter than actual as I guess they are catching more light from the bulbs. The blues in the shadow are a tad more brighter in the photo than actual. I will try posting a better photo.

Do you think the loose and tight brush is working? if not, where should i loosen more or tighten?
There is an actual mound in the closest hill top that is a bit peculiar but i still painted it since it wasn't any generic mountain scene but a specific one... but i feel it could be an eye-sore to some.. do you think its better to remove it?
Any other suggestions.




  • Looks good to me although the mound in the foreground seems to be in focus and have higher contrast than the rest so it has a bit more eye magnet power than is ideal I think. It is all painted very nicely
  • That's great.  The mountains are hills are wonderful, those colors look just right.  The precision painting of the train contrasts nicely with the softer organic shapes.  The wall in the foreground is beautiful.

    It will look good in your booth.
  • Beautifully done. There's no mistaking the Matterhorn. The brush strokes, tight and loose, are excellent. The hump on the bump is there so it's there but if you think it is an eyesore, just remove it or make it blend in more. It's your painting. I would hang it on my wall with or without bumps and with or without the train.
  • @movealonghome : yes. it does look like an eye sore... even its shape is too peculiar

  • Thank you so much @PaulB , @BOB73
     its 2 vs 0, for the mound coming down  =)
  • edited March 14
    I like the mound... It looks great. Just compositionally might not be perfect.

    A thought... I find that analyzing the composition of a painting is different when doing it on a computer screen or under bright studio lighting compared to normal room lighting. Put the painting on a wall in your house and the mound probably won't be as noticeable anymore
  • edited March 14
    Also you could possibly lighten the contrast in it, in the shadow. Add just a little blue as in the others in the background. And you could just simply remove it without consequence. How important is it, to the whole composition, to the story you are trying to tell here. Does it have anything to do with the train? It does add a lot of weight where none is necessary. And I really like this painting, good composition. Are there any areas that you could possibly light up a little more  with yellow ochre?
  • RE: eyesore: This discussion on perception is interesting. I just came from the doctor's office where I read a short article about a study on how people focus. A bunch of people were shown a ten-minute video of a basketball game where only one player was wearing a bright green shirt and asked beforehand to count how many throws, passes and goals he made. Simple, right? Afterwards each participant in the study were asked several questions about the game. how many wore green, how many white, black Asian players, how many times the ref took the ball out of play and of course the score and how many throws, goals and passes the green shirt player made. oh yeah and "Did you see the gorilla?" during the video a man in a gorilla suit walked across the court during play for 9 seconds. 30 % said they did not see the gorilla and it was the same 30% that only correctly answered the green shirt questions and few if any of the other questions. My point: If Anwesha displays this painting at the festival and watches people looking at it then asks them if they noticed the bump; how many would have noticed? Probably not many would be my guess.
  • I think the foreground mound looks fine. It's a beautiful painting, @anwesha. The blue in the mountains is stunning. I've skied there a couple of times and took the train to Zermat so it might be the same train.  It brings back happy memories. Thank you.  :)
  • FlattyFlatty admin
  • I really enjoy this composition.
  • Wow .. this one is awesome .
  • When I look at the "mound" it makes sense that it's there, it looks like it part of the terrain and I think it might actually look incorrect without it there.  It seems like the introduction terrainwise to the curve that is closer to the train.  I ride my bike on lots of old train paths, and it seems to fit right in to me.
  • @movealonghome , @Forgiveness @BOB73 : the structure in the photo does pop out much more than in the painting, I think i will just alter it to make it more windswept and blend in a little more... Thank you so much for the inputs!
  • Wow this is sweet. The mountains are amazing. I love you there is the proper amount of contrast value wise, yet all of the darks are not too dark. That blue violet color is amazing.
  • @anwesha ; Just a thought, if I were to buy this painting, I'd have to have a personal memory of the area and the absence of the mound would bother me in this type of painting.  I think it looks good the way it is.  Summer
  • Love your color palette

  • mariebmarieb -
    edited March 16
    @anwesha, I love the the "bump", If you sell the painting to someone who is familiar with the scene they will expect the bump,perhaps make it less intrusive try re painting it in a slightly lighter value :)
  • Excellent job with or without the bump.

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