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21st DMP: Train to Matterhorn

edited March 13 in Post Your Paintings

Again, a new painting on an old subject. This was taken in the same trip as the earlier Matterhorn painting. I don't think the combination of a train and the mountains will be agreeable to all, but i liked the human touch that the train brought and also the sense of the present. Its a 16inx20in painting.  I tried to keep the brush work in the surroundings quite loose and more tight for the train. I still need to do a little clean up on the train. The peaks in the painting look a lighter than actual as I guess they are catching more light from the bulbs. The blues in the shadow are a tad more brighter in the photo than actual. I will try posting a better photo.

Do you think the loose and tight brush is working? if not, where should i loosen more or tighten?
There is an actual mound in the closest hill top that is a bit peculiar but i still painted it since it wasn't any generic mountain scene but a specific one... but i feel it could be an eye-sore to some.. do you think its better to remove it?
Any other suggestions.




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