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Munsell Excel Spreadsheet

I've been reading up about the Munsell colour classification, and came across an excellent set of reference materials by Paul Centore ( Embedded within his site is a link to an interactive excel spreadsheet (written by Timo Teichert) that displays the closest RGB matches to the Munsell colours that are visible on a computer monitor. I found this really useful for getting my head around how hue, chroma and value relate to one another, and for understanding what something obscure like 2.5R-5-18 actually looks like. Paul's site is jam packed with interesting stuff, and is worth a look.

With the permission of the original authors I have made available here a slightly updated version of the sheet (the original one had a couple of issues when I tried to run it on my version on Excel). I also enhanced it a bit by making it easier to select the different combinations of hue, chroma and value to view, and I also made some other additions that are listed on the 'Intro' sheet.

When you open it you may get a security warning because it requires a few macro's to make it work - so you will need to make sure macro's are enabled in Excel in order to use it.

I hope you find it as useful as I did.

Here's a grab from one of the sheets:



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