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Hello and thank you, newbie here!

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Hello wanna thank DMP for all the great videos on youtube. It got me inspired to give oil painting a try. I'm 34 years old and have painted 4 small oil paintings. I try to get the value right, check the color, don't blend and use a limited palett. I have problems checking my colors, it often ends up with me "winging it"... I blame the lighting...

This was my first oil painting, me mixing colors.

This was my second (ref is a photo I took last summer)

This is my 4th oil painting (the 3rd one was of my sisters child and that painting taught me how important proportions are, so you don't get to see that one!) This 4th painting I started and finished today. Ref is a photo I took this winter.
 I'm not very good at writing in english so have mercy on my spelling :D.


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