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I want to start a new painting cause last one is almost finished, but I feel stuck. I have material to work on, but somehow I am in a fase between willing to create and inertia to start.. don't know. Does anyone experienced this? Is it normal in the creation process?


  • It's quite common, probably affects nearly everyone here!

    Perhaps take a few days not thinking about painting and then you've had a small break..
  • Thanks @Richard_P it's frustrating because I really have a lot of idea but my brain is just refusing everything :( Luckily seems quite common..
  • You are probably a little 'burnt out' from your big painting. Need to recover your energies.
  • Probably :D  @Richard_P   I will take few days for desaturation.. just don't want the "sacred fire" to go away. Thank you again for the support
  • This is time when I clean the palette, tidy the room, prime some panels, cut some Dibond, varnish an old dry one, read, etc.  It doesn't take long before things change.
  • It is very normal - especially since your last painting set the bar high - I still have a Mission painting that I did about 10 years ago that took me forever to paint - so much light and shadow and a wall that was a killer - it ended up winning best in show in an art fair - I just couldn't paint anything after that - I was very pleased with the result, I couldn't find anything I loved more as a reference and still, to this day, my husband says "nice, but the Mission is still my favorite"  -  it's like I'll never paint another miracle painting :).   For me, your last painting was just perfection - it's hard to top that.  Today, I am going to do as @PaulB mentioned - I have a ton of brushes that have been bathing in brush dip for months - probably most of them are ruined - I am going to take all of my brushes outside - clean them thoroughly - organize my paints and general tidy.  I should be probably finishing off the 20 other paintings that are almost completed that I just can't seem to get motivated to finish :).  Even if you don't find your next masterpiece, how about little studies?  Paint a piece of fruit.  Paint something small and simple from life - even your foot.  It gets the juices flowing!!!  
  • @Julianna u understood me so well, it is exactly as you said. I am so curious about the Mission painting now! Thank you again for all the compliments u said about my painting, I wish to surprise you again with my next one :D
  • When you can't think of anything else paint a self-portrait.
  • I have a lot of material to start a new painting, just I don't feel the same excitement I had before.. I even have a commission! Talking about self portrait @JeffAllen  I have one in mind, I will try to sketch something :) anyway good thing is that happens to other as well, "Mal comune mezzo gaudio" "common problem half pleasure" badly translated.
  • @JeffAllen   fabulous idea!!!   @Bobitaly ; get dressed up - wear a hat or scarf or something colorful and fun - look in a mirror and paint.  I never painted a portrait before a challenge here - I ended up going a little crazy some days with the fun but it is so freeing and you're painting yourself so no pressure!  I especially loved it if I had a prop (hat, earrings, scarf) - one key though that helps when looking in a mirror - put a dot on your forehead, chin, ear - anywhere - just choose about 3 that will make a triangle - now, look in the mirror and dot those places on the mirror so you are always in alignment when you look.  My self portraits were getting really wonky because of slight tilts and angle changes - someone here recommended the lipstick dots and it was amazing how easy!  now, I'm not saying my portraits were good, but they sure were fun and I learned a ton.
  • I have one idea in mind @Julianna . I took inspiration thinking about the Caravaggio painting where one character is sticking a finger inside the wound. I want to make a self portrait where I am with a bistury in one hand, with the other keep the wound open in the chest (mine) and from the cut a storm of butterfly coming out like from the inside. I guess it's like putting together my two inner planets, Medicine and Art, the left and the right. Sounds creepy maybe, but of course I will try to make it not. Even if maybe I have a different level of perception when it comes to blood and stuff.
  • @jujlianna there is a way to do it without the dots, but the difficulty level looks awfully high...

  • @PaulB ; - my mind is officially blown.   I would have a hot mess on my hands if I tried that!  wow

    @Bobitaly ; what a cool idea!!!  What do you specialize in with your doctorate?  blood and gore?  
  • @julianna,  that is an interesting innovative idea.  I think another thing that might help in that regard, is to quickly plot some landmarks on the canvas. Once you have those down, it doesn't matter so much
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