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Shipping paintings

I watched Mark's video last night about shipping paintings (where he attaches boards to the sides of the canvas stretchers).  Have any of you done this and how did the paintings fair during shipping?


  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Looks like a great way to go. When I purchased a painting from @anwesha, I drop shipped the frame I wanted to use directly to her. She placed the painting in the frame and repackaged the same way the vendor did and it showed up in perfect condition. They do an excellent job with their pachkaging;-)

    i would definately go Marks way otherwise 
  • Thanks Flatty.  Sounds like Mark's way is conceptually the same idea as what you did.  I have 3 commissions that I have to ship cross country so this is good info for me.
  • Congratulations on the three commissions!!!  That is fantastic!
  • @Julianna:  Thank you.  This is the first time in my life where I considered ever doing commissioned work.  It is definitely a learning experience.  I will approach my next ones a little bit differently.  One thing I have learned is to control the process, meaning don't allow customers to pick photo reference or push you into a concept that you don't think will turn out well.  In other words put your foot down :)

  • congratulations Jeff, let us know how you did.
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