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think I finished my first DMP painting!!

Well, I think I am done! I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the Geneva Paints. Holy Hell they are great! Took a little getting used to since I always worked in glazes but MAN! I LOVE them!!!! This painting took me between 6 & 6.5 hours. That is a HUGE deal for me! In my old method this would be like 20-24 hours! For an 11x14!  Anyway, SO SO glad I stumbled upon Mark and his teachings and thanks to all in the forum who helped me along the way! Cant wait to start the next! (photo reference Karen Brommelsick) 
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  • Stunning Jessica! Beautiful work!!

    How does it compare working directly to using glazes for you?
  • Love it! well done. Not too much and not too little, just perfect and it appears quite convincing, I see no exaggeration that sticks out.
  • beautiful painting.. and great job with the eye lashes....!
  • Thanks everyone! Im just so excited!
    @Richard_P I think there will always be a place in my heart for glazing, and I think in some cases it produces some really dynamic depth, but its not always necessary, and its so time consuming that I end up loosing steam AND interest by the time its done. Plus the fact it took so long really ate into my profit margin, if this continues to work out form me I can afford to sell things much less and not feel like Im cheating myself. 
    @Forgiveness thanks so much! What a great compliment! 
  • Beautiful, @JessicaArt! The composition and the execution are amazing. Well done! :)
  • That is awesome. Great work
  • what a beautiful piece of work...
  • Fantastic painting! Just curious, @JessicaArt, what kind of brush and what size did you use for the eyelashes? 
  • This is just beautiful! Love it!
  • Thank you SO much everyone! I have gotten so much great feed back on this painting! All hail Geneva Paints! haha and DMP!!
    @Boudicca good point! Thank you for saying that! I think you are 100% correct! I always have a hard time when it comes to pricing etc. 
    @ArtistMartin1 I don't know the exact name for it, I'll go up and check in a bit, but it was a small detail angled brush, one probably more suited for watercolors, but I love it for crisp lines. That, paired with my handmade budget Maulstick (a cheap curtain rod that I bent at the end) and it was smooth sailing. I'll get back to ya on the exact brush.
  • @JessicaArt, beautiful painting. Lovely to hear from someone who is so enthusiastic about Marks method. Karen has beautiful Photos. :) 
  • @JessicaArt ; This painting is soooooo good.  How did you finally resolve your question of the detail?  Did you just wait a bit as you thought you might have to anyway?  If so, for how long before ou could pull fresh paint across (I'm having that exact issue now)?  Did you need to thin the paint further?
  • The best horse painting I’ve ever seen. I can’t give you a greater compliment than that. 
    The detail is staggeringly good.  
    Well done @JessicaArt

  • Holy cow @Hilary wow!! I am SO SO flattered! Thank you so much!
    @Wishiwaspainting thank you! so i did end up waiting quite a few days before i worked into that wet white paint...not sure if i needed to wait that long (3 days) but life just got in the way and i wasnt able to paint for that long. I didnt thin thw paint down at all. Then it was a dance between being really deliberate and just letting myself go...i found better results with the latter and ended up blurring alot of the deliberate strokes as i found they didnt fit in well. (Except for around the eye) 
    @marieb thanks! Im loving Marks method! So freeing compared to how i normally paint! And yes! Karens photos are to die for! She is so kind to offer them up for referrence!

  • @ArtistMartin1 here ya go! Here is the brush i used for the eyelashes. I normally have to replace them pretty often as they start to fray quickly, but i think they will last me alot longer with geneva paints as i dont have to clean them as often! Bonus!
  • Boy do I love this forum. Your work @JessicaArt, DMP and previous, is just so deliciously good. It is wonderful to hear your excitement in my heart when I read your commentary. Had my heart stopped, this would have jump-started it. I completely agree with @Boudicca about pricing. I think I would like to see what would happen if you set your paintings on the hood of your car at the Hialeah (or any) racetrack parking lot. With thousands for each piece, I think you would end up with the biggest purse of the day. I am always thrilled when somebody finds DMP works for them and especially if they are already an accomplished artist. @Mark_Carder will be impressed by your work and pleased with your compliments/praise for his methods and products. I can't wait to see your next DMP. I'm glad you cleared up the question about the brush. I was convinced you must have used a horse's eyelash to paint the horse's eyelash.
  • @BOB73 couldn't agree more! I lingered in these forums for the months before I was able to break into my geneva paints, and once I finally did you all helped me out when I had questions, and then the validation after I completed is worth so much to my artist's heart! I've noticed I'm the type that needs a pat on the back to be happy and my lord I'll have back problems with all of the pats I got here! You are all SO kind. You might be on to something with the hood of my car... hmm. I wonder if that's legal! haha Funny about the horses eyelash! haha I tend to like an angled brush and a steady hand for thin straight lines, even more so than with those long thin liner brushes, i feel like i have more control and can lift up as I go to thin out at the ends. Again thanks to everyone! You have me soaring right now! 
  • Sportsmen's clubs, racetrack operators, restaurants near racetracks, Horse Breeders. anyone who loves horses (and has money) would pay handsomely for your paintings. Leroy Nieman made a career out of sports paintings especially boxing and portraits but horses too and he couldn't even paint very well. 
  • Wow! Thanks so much @BOB73! awesome! Fingers crossed because lord knows i'm not making any dough now and raising a family on one teachers salary isn't cutting it. Im afraid if I cant "make it" in this next year, it's a regular 9-5 for me and with two little ones that means my art goes to the way side...Thats my sob story and its a weak one at that. I am lucky to have the opportunity TO "make or break it" with this new method I can pump out way more art and hopefully the people who need to see it will, after all it seems it's all about the right connections in this business. 

  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited March 7
    Trust me, there's a gold mine in your painting. Your preferred subject matter is a natural to make big bucks because owners, breeders and people involved with racing have big bucks. Horse owners would pay as much (probably more) for their horse's portrait as they would for their children's.  Go bigger. Find a horse breeders association or organization of racing, join up and get known. Make a website. Your teacher spouse will be able to retire early. Instead of contemplating (worrying) about a 9-5, teach people how to paint in your garage. Just don't teach them how to paint horses!
  • Nice work Jessica! Stick with it!!
  • Your right @BOB73 ive gotta get to know a breeder or two...get my name out there.... as much as i love painting im a horrible promoter/sales woman.  Haha gotta get better at that. 
  • @JessicaArt -- Thank you so much for taking the time to post the information about and pictures of the brush. I appreciate it.
  • Very, very nice! Congratulations!
  • Your right @BOB73 ive gotta get to know a breeder or two...get my name out there.... as much as i love painting im a horrible promoter/sales woman.  Haha gotta get better at that. 
    You absolutely can and will be good at self promotion. Look at the responses you've received on this board. We love and encourage one another and we all have an eye tuned to good art and your work is masterful. We are all given different talents and gifts by our creator and to use them is to give glory to the divine. 

    I used to think very poorly if myself. Then I worked with someone who shamelessly promoted himself and guess what? He got the promotions and the salary. No one will do that for you. And when you free yourself to do so, you will also achieve great success. 

    By the way, after learning from that young man I tripled my salary and my position. Best lesson ever.

    Your art is magnificent! I'd start with Kentucky to find your new clients :-) 

  • WOW! Thanks so much @Renoir! Masterful!? Wow. Im floored by that compliment. Thank you! I am seriously humbled! Jeeze... I need a lot more work on that self promotion! I go from highs to lows of self doubt when it comes to making a career with art, but I seriously think that with these new paints and new (to me) wet on wet technique... I feel more excited and hopeful than ever! I can't thank you enough for that wonderful comment! I feel ready to take on the world now! haha :) Thank you everyone! This forum has been such a confidence/moral booster for me! 
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