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Hello and thank you from a DIY artist!

Hello everyone! I am new to oil painting. Last March I took a 3-day seminar to learn about oils. Everyone in the class had been painting several years, thankfully the teacher saw something in me and took me under her wing by working me harder, making me stay later, and being critical of my work. What she instilled in me in 3 days has been invaluable. Coming home from that experience I set up a make shift studio in our spare bedroom and paint as often as I can. I have a full time career that involves travel so finding time can be a struggle. I have been reading books and watching a few videos to continue learning and then I came across this website - awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I commissioned my nephew to build me an easal based off Mark's design. It should be done by the end of April. I will share pictures when I get it. I just finished this 12 x 12 painting. I haven't mastered the photography lesson on how to photograph a painting!


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