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CANOPY 4 Oil on canvas 4'6" X 4'6" (137cm X 137cm)

Here's another big tree picture. They sell well so the director of the gallery that handles my work wants me to keep doing them but I'm pretty much over trees now. I was going to enter this in a big competition but just as I was finishing it I had a stroke so it didn't get entered. It's now with the gallery. It's big. It took six weeks to paint. Because it's so big, this small photo (taken with my phone camera) doesn't really capture the impact it has on a wall with good lighting. But if you click on the image you can zoom in to see more detail. Because they are Aussie eucalypts they'll probably look a bit odd to people in the northern hemisphere but this is what the trees  are like here when you look up into them - big, colorful, sprawling and messy. It's the abstract qualities that attract me and made me want to paint them.  Anyway, I'll be doing smaller scale works for a while until I get back up to par health-wise.

Thanks for looking. :) 


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