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You couldn’t be more wrong Flatty. 
That’s all I have to say.  


  • If he is willing, I hope dencal - is on the shortlist of potential Moderators.  I'd be hard-pressed to think of anyone who has added more value to this forum than he has. 
  • Yes , let’s move on Flatty with this excellent forum. But before we do , could I respectfully ask you to retract that statement you made about me. It was unfair and totally untrue. 

    I , and maybe some others , got the impression that you wanted to ‘pass on the torch’ as a matter of some urgency. After all , we do not know what your personal circumstances are or why you had the desire to leave. 

    I thought you would be happy  that Paul agreed to take on the task and that so many people were behind him. 

    I’m extremely sorry you thought I was glad you were leaving. On the contrary , as I stated in a public post to you , I felt you had done an excellent job and I was sorry to hear you were leaving. 

    Having said that I appreciated that you couldn’t keep it up indefinitely as it’s a thankless and tough job. 

    Not many would take it on. And I was afraid if you left it too long to get back to us about it , Paul would  lose his enthusiasm and withdraw his very generous offer. 

    The forum is important to me , I like the people here and I very much enjoy my interaction with them. 

    I also like and respect Mark Carder and I certainly don’t want to add to the pressures of his work. 

    I hope you understand this Flatty. 

    It has all been a terrible misunderstanding and I humbly apologise for my part in adding to it. 

    The last thing we need is unnecessary confrontation on this very special forum. 

  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Hillary please accept my sincere apology for that comment I made if you can. Thank you!
  • Absolutely no problem @Flatty.  
    I totally understand where you were coming from.   
    Thank you for your response. I’m so glad it’s sorted. 
  • Well I'm glad that's settled. Thanks @Flatty, Thanks @Hillary. Communication is key. MC checks in every so often and although he rarely takes the time (as if he had any) to comment, I see his avatar and am reassured he hasn't lost interest in the Forum. If there was urgency, I'm sure Mark would recognize it and step in. 
  • You’re so right @BOB73  _Thank you. 
    Sometimes things can get misconstrued with texting on this sort of forum.  and it’s such a shame. 
    People can get hurt unnecessarily. 
    So glad this was all sorted.  
    There are good people on this forum , that’s why I stay around. 

  • ph1

    Thank you. Appreciate the nomination. I decline.
    i want to contribute to the Forum. An admin role would constrain my freedom and independence.


  • You certainly do make a very valuable contribution to the forum @dencal
    And your advice is always so well researched. 

  • @dencal you are like the Headmaster at Hogwarts, a mighty wizard, a generous professor and wise in everything the artists need to know.
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