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How to get burnt umber?

Hi All, 

I am absoultely a new beginner for oil painting and I am learning oil painting by following the steps on drawmixpaint homepage. And I am in step 6 to learn the mixing colors. However I don’t have burnt umber on hand. Can someone being so kind to suggest how to get burnt umber by mixing colors? I have French ultramarine,titanium white, alizarin crimson and cadmium yellow pale on hand. Thanks a lot!



  • If u have only these colours I don't know if u can..try alizarin plus ultramarine but I guess you need a bit of black too. Or raw sienna plus blue ultramarine if u have also.. Wait for others for better answers..but if I am not wrong u can't match perfect burnt umber only with colours u mentioned. We will see what other thinks about this.
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    @Jiashen, Welcome, this is a very good question. Everyone here and beyond, to the best of my knowledge purchases a tube of Burnt Umber oil paint. I do not know of any other alternatives. I don't believe it possible to mix burnt umber from your present palette. Best regards.
  • jiashen

    This video demonstrates a few ways to mix burnt umber using burnt sienna.
    More interestingly though using the three primaries.

    This vid uses acrylic but should work with oil too.


  • You might be able to mix it, but why waste a cadmium yellow when Burnt Umber is in the least expensive series in every paint line I can think of? :)
  • I can make burnt umber, or very close to it, using Geneva black, red and yellow, because burnt umber is just dark orange.

    Although if you think about it, Geneva black is made from blue and burnt umber, so adding the red/yellow just neutralizes the blue leaving the burnt umber.  Cheating, in other words.
  • Thank you all for your nice comments! I was stuck in the middle of the process and searching for a quick solution. In this case, I will just simply purchase one tube. :) 
    @dencal Thank you for the video. I think I am going to give a try anyways for fun, and compare with the actual burnt umber. 
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