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Mixing too little...

Hi everyone! Used my Geneva paints for the first time today and I was blown away! I had a question about mixing though... So I am used to mixing with a pallet knife MUCH thicker paints. When I am mixing these I end up with very thing splotches of color on my pallet... so much so that I worry they will dry up very quickly. I keep trying to do that "swirl" technique that Mark does, but I still dont end up with piles of paint, rather these splotches. They also take up a lot of space on my pallet. Any tips?


  • JessicaArt

    Suggest you persist with perfecting the “swirl” technique.
    Use another palette to transfer mixed values. In effect you have a mixing palette and a painting palette.
    You could use a saucer or small bowl for mixing.
    What about trying one of those mixing trays with lots of partitioned sections to contain the pigment.

    I mix on a glass palette and transfer to small snap cap containers. Often a mixing day may be several days earlier than a painting day, so l need to keep the mixed values fresh.


  • Oh! Thats a great idea with the little mixing trays. I have a ton of those! Thanks! I'll keep trying at the "swirl"
  • JessicaArt

    If using a mixing tray you will need a small silicone spatula to get all the paint out.


  • Palette knife mixing with Geneva doesn't end well for me, I make an enormous mess.  I find it quicker to mix that way, but only if I am making a large quantity.  Most of the time I'm only mixing a couple of brushloads.
  • The use of snap caps will also further extend the life of your paint much longer, unless you have a cover for your tray.
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