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Let's share some inspiring art!

What is some art that you love and inspires you?

Here's one I came across today. Oil painting by Luke Hillestad. Beautifully painted and such a nice composition.



  • the bottom one is just my style. the fishermaen give a scale and a sense that this is a safe place to visit this looks very similar to scenes you can find near my home along Cypress Creek. But looks can deceive. Cy-Crk is too shallow to paddle but the dirt bikers love it. The painting is fabulaous.. you can see the surface tension of the water reflected in the miniscus along the bank.
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    @anwesha, about the second painting, I used to take walks through scenes just like this on a regular basis in my area and absolutely loved it and brought my flutes with me to play. Now I have a head full of rich memories of them that I can access anytime I wish. And my meetings/encounters with wildlife and fish were rather spectacular as well. I was attacked by a Peregrine Falcon once, brought me to crouch down on my knees with my head down and covered for protection in the snow, had quite a struggle with it, all ended well, just one of many truly fond memories. While in the woods I also remembered such scenes in great oil paintings. Thank you for  posting these, they are beautiful.
  • Zoom in on the water in that painting, the Monsted. It's chaos, but so beautiful.
  • Also in the Monsted, interesting that in the entire scene, there is one cut tree with the stump left behind, upper right hand side of the painting.
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    Love the Monsted and the Sorolla. Call me old fashioned but these realist landscape paintings give me goosebumps in a way that just doesn't happen for me when I view abstract work. I guess I'm just an unreconstructed old fuddy duddy.  :/

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    Experiencing goosebumps is never ever old fashioned and it doesn't change, hee.hee!
  • to me, theses paintings are in the style I want to paint. Still havent tried marks method or oil paint for that matter though
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