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My First Oil Painting - Finished

Finished this painting last night. This was a great experience for my first oil. I tried my best to follow the DMP method precisely, the best that I could. I must say it is an amazing method. About 2/3 the way through the silver pouring cup, working dark to light, I thought it looked horrible. But decided not to stray from the method, and I am pleased with the result. Pardon the glare by the way. I may post another picture in 6 months when it dries and I can varnish it and get it in proper lighting :) 

The un-cropped reference photo is below. I took it on my piano bench with a pillow case as the backdrop.  My gloss paper reference photo printed out with a little more orange and violet than the digital picture, and this is reflected in my painting I feel. 

Any feedback and criticisms are welcome. I am just trying to get better. 


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