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My journey with DMP

edited February 2018 in Introduce Yourself
Im a 22 yo slightly colorblind artist from northern KY/Cincinnati area. Started painting in fall 2014 but i started using DMP spring 2015. When i started DMP I pretty much did exactly everything mark does except a few things. For instance I never had a color checker but i always checked colors with a brush or palette knife. Also I didn't think I needed to use a proportional divider as I could already draw in proportion consistantly before starting DMP. Apart from that everything mark taught was extremely helpful. Some of the most helpful things being about value, color mixing, and eventually brushwork. I say eventually because brushwork was the hardest thing for me to learn. Here was my first dmp painting I finished in may of 2015.

I wasnt happy with it when I did it and looking back its even worse than I remember haha. The compostion is ok maybe a little artifical looking. The backdrop is an ugly shade of green. There is practaclly no color harmony because I knew next to nothing about color schemes or color theory. I was really struggling with brushwork at the time. But at least the objects resembled the ones I had painted so that was a step in the right direction. 

The next painting that was a sort of turning point for me was a self portrait I did in januarary of last year.

This was when I started to understand brushwork more. For the first time I didnt blend at all. But the lighting in the source photo is horrible and dingy so I wasn't completely stoked with the outcome.

Around this time I found out I'm a little colorblind. That is I'm mildly to moderately red green colorblind. So I can see red and green when they are super saturated but faded and muted reds and greens are harder to see. I noticed this when I painted this study of a brass teapot. It looks like regular brown brass to me but I was told after I finished that it has a green tint. 

Mark's right when he says value is king. I might be off with the hue but the value is more important

Next breakthrough for me was July of last year. I painted a picture I took of an old building that used to be a Jillian's in covington Ky. They painted the doorway this ridiculously intense blue and I managed to get an ok picture of it with my OM-1. I learned a lot about abstraction when I painted the texture of the wall. 

This one is pretty big as you can see 30x36". That's me holding it btw. 

After this painting I sort of felt confident enough to stop color checking every color and started mixing as I go a little like Mark does when he is painting fast. Still I really needed to do all that when I first started DMP. 

Since learning DMP I have also been doing abstract art which has improved as well. Learning brushwork and mixing colors well can be used for all types of art. I'm not gonna post abstract stuff here but if you have instagram you can see em @gutzeit_art

First dmp painting took me like a whole month but now I finish in under a week. Heres my most recent work

Thanks for reading!


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