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Salutations and Best Regards

I am very thankful to have seen just a fraction of the available material posted and available here. I will continue to look in on these materials and celebrate growth in this community.
I can't state how significant I think the teachings, principles and philosophies expressed, espoused, and proven here, are for artists who come here, but for our world right now' and in the future. This is the education of purely layered tradition, without secret, and completely non-exclusive. It has every characteristic of the truth of what is needed right now: everyday we see how much we need to learn to pay attention to beauty and preserve it too.
I am the fortunate and humble student of a great master teacher, so i know the value of the values (about values, if a pun seems necessary) that empower. Only the truth of our victories acheived in the pursuits here, take us to what is powerful about art: not on the wall but within ourselves. We all gesso over and start again. Some of us arrive there. 
So much Truth we can use is packed into just the video on "flesh tones", I had to write.
Anyone I know who paints in oil will be referred here.
Anyone who asks me about learning art will be referred here too.
Kristopher Jennewein

[Deleted User]dencalFlattyBOB73Forgiveness
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