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Little Theodora


  • Would have been amayzing,  but over blended!  The face looks artificial because of it. Have some confident strokes and leave sone abstraction, have more so called subtle in your painting. Dont overexaggerate.check in thevalues and colours. The dark marks under the eyes is so overpowered.dont blend. Leave the brush marks stand out proudly. Follow some rules and your paintings will turn out greatt.  :-):-)

  • edited February 2018
    hussain - Thank you, I had to work from a very low quality photo. I did my best :) I think that the face in the
    photo is looking more artificial than in the painting. This is the photo from a cell phone:

  • Very nice.  Lovely model and a very good likeness.  You captured her eyes and expression very well.  Babies are very hard because there are almost no edges.  All that natural smoothness begs to be blended and I like what you did here.  If I were to offer any suggestions it would be to double check your values and then your colors.  Soften the edges in front of the ears and add a little more shading there.  But your shapes are nearly perfect and that is the biggest problem to solve with faces.
  • @michalis.
    Yup the photo quality is not the best.the best thing would have been to make more to subtleness. More on values and colour tones.never get disencoraged, just keep painting. See the nose looks off colour looks seperated.
     As marks says with each painting either u are improving or viceversa. Never u are stagnent. Now with this painting u know that the next painting u are gonna do ,you might gice a thought at my words (dont over blend, maintain the abstraction,keep suble, dont over exaggerate,work with tones and values.)  mark's word*
     This is the process which every artist tackles through. I have even just begun but marks videos have brought in a lot of changes and the free knowledge he is spreading is just so helful .:-):-):-):-)
  • Indeed @MikeDerby
    The face is perfect,the smile!yes baby faces are tough to do
  • What a beautiful baby! I tried doing portraits of my children when I first started and failed miserably. You did a very good job and really got the likeness. I have found that painting from real life makes a big difference for me.
  • Very nice soft painting. Lovely colors!
  • Lovely! You did a good job with the values, @michalis, and I love the brushwork in the clothes.
  • @michalis, I think you did very well indeed given the limitations of the source photo. I agree with some of the comments above re: softer/blurry edges. Something to think about for next time. 

  • Good work but needs more good work. It is a big handicap painting from a blurred photo.
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