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Different styles of different artist! Phew confused

edited February 2018 in Introduce Yourself

Been lately thinking, figuring about different approaches of different artist. I am obsessed with realism. I like tge draw mix paint methid and marks style. 

An artist "michael james smith" a landscape artist. Hes on youtube. His style is so off different.he has a photo of place and does the painting of that photo. So basically there is mostly no composition .

I like his landscapes.Thats ok. Photorealistic way

As per an artist idk where i heard or read _ "its the painting you are doing not a photograph"

Another one _ "details dont rule the paintings,big shapes rule, students try to put a lot of detail in their painting by which they think its gonna make it good"
(i am an amature lol , just recently started. Sorry if i sound offensive, stupid,or anything and please bear with my english)

So confused which way to go. Landscapes, portratures, still lives, absract etc. Even the medium. I some times get driven back to watercolours.

Correct me please



  • In regards to the details comment, keep in mind that detail is better off suggested rather than forced.  Human perception will fill in the blanks even when it isn't all there.

  • @JeffAllen
    Some artists put each and every hair out there (portrait) .
    But artist like john singer sargent only put the suggestion not each strand,values and tones!. 
  • Hi Hussain, I understand your conflict and if u will read my recent discussions maybe u will find something interesting by the other members of this forum. My suggestion is due to your young age to paint what is pleasing to you and to your eyes for now. You like photorealistic paintings? Try to paint in a photorealistic way. U like more loose style? Do that. If you are trying to search your style directly from the beginning it's gonna be hard, and maybe it's not even accurate cause u don't have the experience and practice u need to achieve that. As a newbie myself I cannot take the Master part, take my words only as a suggestion. I love and studied Art for the feeling it gives to me, but what u understood is drawing, studying ( colour theory, composition, pigments everything u can find) and practice are the only way to reach what u want in art, but generally in life. 
    Hope u will enjoy this path:) 
  • I ran across this blog post a while back and he points out a list of resources within it and makes a good case why going to art school is a big mistake.  It might give you some insight:

    I went to art school and think this guy is spot on.
  • mariebmarieb -
    edited February 2018
    @JeffAllen, I looked at the link you provided about Art College and I am absolutely astounded at the cost. My Daughter has completed an Honours degree in The top art college in Ireland, for free. She was a " mature" student (24) and unemployed, in receipt of Jobseeker's Allowance of €180 pw . She was allowed to keep her allowance as she was returning to full time education, and thus able to support herself. Her degree was four yrs long. The full fee for four years would have been €24,000. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for her here, no way to gain the experience needed to get into employment in her field, so she is immigrating soon to Canada. I suppose we are lucky to have good education and free healthcare. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    edited February 2018
    marieb said:
    @JeffAllen, I looked at the link you provided about Art College and I am absolutely astounded at the cost. 
    ... and those prices are 5 years old. Some US school prices are quite hard to believe.
  • I went to a state school back in the early 90's so I did not accumulate much debt.  I also wasn't aught very much, but at the time I really did not know any better.  The private art schools in the US were quite expensive then and crazy expensive now.  I don't see how anyone in their right mind would bother.  You will not get a job because of an art degree.  No one cares unless you want to become an art professor.  Everything is based off of your portfolio anyway.  

    @marieb, so what discipline did your daughter study?

  • @hussain, I recommend that you follow Mark's method for your first 10 oil paintings, naturally as you are. When you get accustomed to this, your style will just show up as a natural expression that is uniquely your own.
  • @Forgiveness is right and so is @JeffAllen, as hard as it may seem, you must forget about water color for a while until you establish familiarity with oils and methods for oils. If you paint every day gaining familiarity will not take a long time. Good Luck @hussian.
  • @JeffAllen, I've just been recently informed about art education similarly. I went to college in 1984/85, only but brief, I was a mature student, honors marks all the way, many fine opportunities opened up for a great future. A life circumstance threatened to cut my studies short, but I decided to leave the college anyhow because I figured if self taught artists are really regarded the best and I was getting such good marks and winning awards, then I shouldn't worry going without this education and just continue on my own, to this very day as I most always have. Given all the more that I have learned about being an artist and getting along since then, I have no regrets. Also like you I did not accumulate much debt at all, very fortunate. Very interesting @marieb about your daughter moving to Canada for employment in her field in this day. In the late 80's I was recommended to go to England or Ireland to find work for myself 'cause not much for highly qualified person as myself here in Canada. It's interesting how things seem to have changed so much. Even while we were studying in college we knew and were told frequently, that everything is based on your portfolio anyway. If I had a chance somehow to take one of Mark's painting classes in Austin, Tex., I would.
  • Thanks for sharing your story @Forgiveness, it's really a bless to have contact through internet with artist and people so experienced and with an interesting life, willing to share and help others all around the globe :D
  • JeffAllen said:

    @marieb, so what discipline did your daughter study?
    Hi Jeff, she has an honours in textile design. She is a fabulous portrait artist,but loves working with her hands. She draws huge portraits and embellishes them with fabric, embroidery and beads. She needs experience before anyone will employ her. Ireland is such a small country with so many talented graduates and no opportunities. 

  • @marieb, Nice! Unfortunately, her forte being more of a non-traditional mixed media artist, typical employment is going to be rough.  She will have to perhaps work a non-art job and bide her time to see if she gets lucky and perhaps a gallery will take her work on.  The only viable art jobs really where you can make a living are things like computer animation, 3d modeling and graphic design (although graphic design doesn't pay very well to start with).  Outside of that you have commission work and illustration work which you can make a living with but you have to be pretty stellar.  Not trying to be discouraging, but its just the reality of it.  I guess there is a reason for the term starving artist.

  • @JeffAllen @Bobitaly @marieb @Forgiveness @BOB73.thank you everyone for the comment. This is so great how differnt people connect here and have discusions. :-):-). As far as following marks method, i got my proportional divider and colour checker build up, soon after my exams, will get into painting following drawmixpaint method. For sure i have got quite a very lil experience as its been not much months i started painting. As i am getting so envolved with art, so personally  i never had that feeling to join an art school after i get passed out from my school. (Still an year left in school)
  • @JeffAllen, I think she has some courses lined up for when she gets to Montreal, illustration, etc. she used to be a model, so I don’t want her to starve too much !  :p
  • lol.  Yeah, she should model and do art.  Maybe try photography.
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