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slowly transitioning (or trying!)

So I bought the Geneva Paint set back at Christmas time, but have still yet to use them, because I didnt want to use them on this particular commission. BUT this was a first for me on a couple of accounts. 
1- Painting wet on wet- I normally paint in glazes, but am so intrigued by Marks Method I am trying a "go" at it.
2- Leaving more abstraction/painterly- I normally blend the crap out of everything and there isn't a brush mark to be seen! For this I tried to leave some in there... I think it worked! (Particularly like the headlights in the Green background train)
3- My first time painting on wood instead of canvas. tricky. hard to get used too! 
SO here they are. two 9x12 oil on wood. from customers photos. I would love some feedback/tips! Can't wait to try it all the with the 100% Carder method! 


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