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slowly transitioning (or trying!)

So I bought the Geneva Paint set back at Christmas time, but have still yet to use them, because I didnt want to use them on this particular commission. BUT this was a first for me on a couple of accounts. 
1- Painting wet on wet- I normally paint in glazes, but am so intrigued by Marks Method I am trying a "go" at it.
2- Leaving more abstraction/painterly- I normally blend the crap out of everything and there isn't a brush mark to be seen! For this I tried to leave some in there... I think it worked! (Particularly like the headlights in the Green background train)
3- My first time painting on wood instead of canvas. tricky. hard to get used too! 
SO here they are. two 9x12 oil on wood. from customers photos. I would love some feedback/tips! Can't wait to try it all the with the 100% Carder method! 


  • JessicaArt

    Superb work. Beautiful paintings.


  • Nice paintings! The texture on the train in the second one looks really good. Some parts look very blended and blurry though, especially the red parts which are also eye magnets.. So compositionally having your eye drawn to something that is blurred out is less than ideal imo. Something which mark recommends (i think) that I agree with is that it can be better to have most, if not all, of the image in focus whenever possible.
  • Nicely painted. I think the customers will be happy. :)
  • Great work, nice paintings. I agree it takes some getting used to, working on wood panel, your subject matter is perfect for this.
  • dencaldencal -
    edited February 12

    When it comes to paintings of trains the blur is there to suggest speed, movement and the romance of steam.


  • Great detail. 
    Very well painted 
  • Very nice! The fact that you have detailed trees in the background enhances the reality of it all. 
  • I can feel the motion in this painting. Great color scheme in the second one
  • Very nice, I really get a feeling of speed from the second one :)
  • Nice paintings - I especially like the steam and the smoke in the top one. The back end of the headlight with the '40' on it looks a bit angular to me, but maybe its supposed to be that way. If you wanted to post some of your 'blend the crap out of everything' paintings I'm sure folks would be interested in those too.
  • Amazing X2. because they are well painted and also you were working toward a new method and a new type of support. What were the sizes of the source photos?
  • Wow!! Thanks so much everyone! I posted these late one night and then completely forgot that I had until I stumbled back over here! So sorry I didn't reply sooner! @Roxy maybe I'll post some of my "blend the crap out of everything" paintings under that title!  haha Keep an eye out! lol @BOB73 Thanks! I always just work off of my computer screen, which I know is a big no-no, but I wasn't too too concerned with the color accuracy on this one. For my first full on 100% Carder method using the Geneva paints, I will certainly be working from a photo so I can color check etc. (hoping to get to that next week!) @movealonghome I totally get what you're saying! Thanks for the feedback, I think the blur you are seeing is just in the photo.. There is a glare in that one too right mid train. I'll have to see if I can find a better photo, but man... all those "train guts" were killing me under there, so maybe a blur would have been nice if executed right! haha 
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