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Still life in progress Based on photograph from PMP website.  The “Dark Side Of the Lemon” and the whitish film on grapes are always challenges for me. Critique, clues, suggestions always welcome.


  • The shadow on the right side of the lemon is to dark.   Check for the bouncing light in that shadow.  Double check the cast shadow on the grapes.  Part of it is dark and then part of it is lighter.  That being said, you are doing a good job.  Keep painting.
  • The bowl and lemon shadows are black, and should be brown, or whatever that color is.  Maybe a dark green for the lemon, but color checking would tell you more about that.  Are you darkening colors with black, or with complementary colors?  The wooden shelf could use a little more sharp definition along that top front edge.

    Good background and nice soft edge at the back of the shelf.  The grapes and orange are really well done.  Nice work.

  • I love that composition!  If you're interested,    The dusting to my eye is usually blue/grey.  Color checking helps a ton - even if you just use a hole punch out of a note card - isolate the color/area you want to paint - I'm always amazed at the color when isolated.  THank you for sharing.  
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