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  • Still have a good ways to go with this, but now is the time for anyone to make suggestions.  Thanks for any helpful comments.  I can see several things that need to be softened and I've only got her hair blocked in so to speak.
  • Lovely model and lovely results so far.  You are down to the tricky parts and the finishing but you have it well in hand so I would only say take your time and enjoy it.
  • That's a very good likeness.

    I suggest that you modify the fold lines of the red dress.  At the bottom of the painting the red fabric folds are all spreading outwards.  In the photo, the folds turn and fall vertically.  As it is, the effect is making your subject look wider, and that won't be popular.

    The dark shadows at the corner of the mouth might be at the wrong angle on the right.  Hard for me to tell.
  • You're really done a nice job! Because the focus in portraits is on the eyes and lips, I would suggest a slight adjustment to her right eye. It looks like the space between the nose and the pupil should be a darker value and the light reflection in that eye just slightly darker or smaller? Keep in mind, it's not easy to tell from a photo and then on a computer screen. This is a very nice likeness!
  • Very nice, maybe a little bit of coldness (is it a word? :D) on the right side of the portrait can help also. Cool light --> warm shadows and vice versa.
  • edited February 2018
    This is lovely, @oilpainter1950. You've got a really good likeness. The eyes are amazingly lively. The only thing I might do with this is make the folds of the dress more vertical (as per @PaulB above) so they don't all splay outwards. But this is not a big problem - you hardly notice it because of how the face really draws you in. Well done! :)  
  • I will check shadows @Renoir, @PaulB thanks very much to you and @tassieguy for pointing out the dress folds.  The shadows around the mouth need to be addressed, as I know they are to harsh and may need to be altered.  @Bobitaly ; I will also check the temp in the background to see if it needs some tweaking.  Thanks to all of you for taking the time to look and comment.
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